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NSL Staff

Dr. Thomas K. Hemmick
      Lab Director
Dr. Linwood L. Lee
      Associate Director
Ms. Socoro Delquaglio
      Project Staff Assisitant
Richard Lefferts
      Lab Manager
Andzrej Lipski
      Accel Specialist

The Nuclear Structure Lab was a major part of the research efforts of the Stony Brook Department of Physics and Astronomy for over 40 years. The Lab graduated 55 PhD's, employed 200+ undergraduate research assistants and published over 500 papers in nuclear structure, fundamental interactions, accelerator and applied physics.

Personal and professional choices of the faculty led to the closure of the NSL; National Science Foundation funding for nuclear structure research came to an end in May 2007. However, the people and facility have new adventures ahead. Please follow the links below to learn about the science, education and outreach activities of the Stony Brook NSL.