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Adding a Press Release item

  • Start by loggin in to OU Campus at the bottom of the home page of the news site.:
  • login
  • Click on Content/Pages
  • pages

  • Click on  the house image (see below) to make sure you are in the root directory while you are in OmniUpdate, in the News_and_Media site.  
  • house
  • To create a new article, click the (+) New button at the top-right corner and click on article.tcf (see below)
  • article
  • You will be presented with a form to fill out. Here is an example with valid input:
  • article
    • Article Title: The title of the press release e.g. This is My Title!
    • Subtitle: A short subtitle of the press release e.g. And this is my subtitle about the news item
    • Summary: A brief description of the press release e.g. Here's a brief summary, you see, about this very press release, which is most excellent.
    • Main Story: The bulk of the text for the press release.
    • Don't go crazy over the formatting and such for the Main Story text here. You can clean that up later in "Edit" view. It will be a lot easier, too!
    • Category: Choose the main category for the press release. e.g. University News
    • Additional Categories: You may have a press release show up in several RSS feeds. e.g. Conference & Events
    • Priority: By default, the feed items will sort in chronological order, from newest to oldest. This will cause an older press release to be fixed at the top, regardless of thr date it was entered. Check as appropriate
    • Filename: The name of the page (this is not seen by visitors to the site). YYYY-MM-DD-a-brief-summary.pcf
    • Overwrite: Don't check this.
  • For the filename, only use lowercase letters and dashes. Please do not use any other spaces, symbols or special characters.
  • Once you have filled out the form correctly, click Create.
  • edit
    The page that shows once you have created the Press Release.

Editing content

  • To edit your content, formant and insert images, click the green Edit button.
  • To add an image, click the snippet icon on the toolbar (highlighted with red box below)
  • snippet icon

  • Choose snippet category and appropriate size image and click Insert (see image below)
    You will then see the placeholder image which can now be clicked on and edited (you can also edit the caption in this view)


  • To change the image click on it to highlight it and then go up to the image icon and browse to your image. Edit.
  • The Insert Image dialog.
  • Now click the Select File button to select an image.
  • Image Browser Dialog
    The File Browser dialog.
  • You can select an image that has already been uploaded, or you can upload a new image by clicking Upload.
  • Image Upload Dialog
    The File Upload dialog. You can enter a new filename in the first textbox.
    If you leave that blank, it will keep the same name that it currently has.
  • Once you have selected your image, click Insert and wait a few seconds.
  • When your image has been uploaded, click on the filename, e.g. my-new-filename.png, and then click Upload.
  • Insert Image Dialog
  • You must enter an Image Description: Image Description Textbox
  • Once inserted and caption is edited click the save icon (first icon on toolbar)  
  • Publish

You can then click publish.

  • You can now see your post live on the website.



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