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Social Entrepreneur Kicks off Provost Lecture Series by Talking About Education and Job Creation at SBU

STONY BROOK, N.Y., October 6, 2014 Kicking off The Office of the Provost’s Lecture series at Stony Brook University is social entrepreneur Bill Drayton, where he will speak on the topic of Education and Job Creation in a World of Accelerating Change. On Thursday, October 9 at 4 p.m. at the

Bill Drayton

Tabler Arts and Humanities Center, Drayton will share his insightful view of a “changemaker world” where: 

  • People who can’t find jobs go out and create their own meaningful work;
  • Companies value employees whose team work, empathy, and leadership “from the inside” help to bring about changes to help them adapt and thrive
  • Young people grow up feeling empowered and equipped to bring about new solutions to entrenched social problems.

Drayton will also address the current upswing in attention to Social Entrepreneurship worldwide and on American college campuses like Stony Brook University, and the implications this will have for the future of economies, jobs, and longtime welfare of our world.

An interactive panel of Long Island business and education leaders will convene at 2:30 pm, preceding Drayton’s presentation. Their discussion will revolve around the topic “New Innovators and Job Creators:  Long Island's Future.” Panelists include Ken Cerini, President, Social Enterprise Alliance of Long Island, Bob Chauvin, President, Simplex Grinnell, Frank Lombardi, Assistant to CEO, IGHL, Tom Lyon, Educational Coordinator, Lift Up Long Island, and Roberta Richin, Social Entrepreneurship Professor, Stony Brook University.  Dina Isola, from Lift Up Long Island, who is also the event sponsor, will be the panel’s moderator.  

This series is the first of many lectures supported by The Office of the Provost being held at Stony Brook University this fall. Others include:  

  • October 15 - Richard Leakey, FRS; Living Off the Grid with Good Access to Energy and Water
  • October 16 - Joan D. Frosch; Who is (Not) Human?
  • October 22  - Ruth B. Bottigheimer; Fairy Tales and City Life: Literature and Society, Generic Shifts and Worldview Changes  
  • October 27 - Li Wei; Multilingualism, Social Cognition, and Creativity
  • October 30 - Jack Halberstam; "A Path So Twisted:" Thinking Wildly With and Through Punk Feminisms  

The Provost Lecture Series has become a popular vehicle for supporting distinguished lecture visits to campus. For more information about the Provost Lecture series visit https://www.stonybrook.edu/sb/provlec.shtml


 Directions to the Tabler Center:

From Nicolls Road: Take the Main Entrance and turn left onto Circle Road. Take the first right around the rotary to continue on Circle Road. Take the first left onto Tabler Drive. Take the first right to continue up the hill. The Tabler Center is the second building on the left.

From Stony Brook Road: Turn into campus onto South Drive. At the second traffic light, turn left onto Marburger Drive. Continue on Marburger Drive toward the traffic circle. Continue left around the traffic circle to a quick stop sign. At the stop sign make a left onto Tabler Drive. Take the first right on Tabler Drive and the Tabler Center is the second building on the left.

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