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Stony Brook Mentors 21 Intel Semi Finalists from All Over the United States

Mentors come from wide range of disciplines from Applied Mathematics to Medicine to Music

STONY BROOK, NY, January 9, 2014  –Twenty-one (21*) high school students who worked with Stony Brook University faculty were named among the 300 semifinalists in the national 2014 Intel Science Talent Search competition. The mentors come from a range of departments and disciplines throughout Stony Brook, including: Anatomical Sciences, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Geosciences, Materials Science & Engineering, Medicine, Music, Neurobiology & Behavior, Pharmacological Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, and the School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS). 

The semifinalists will each receive awards of $1,000; their schools will also receive $1,000 for each Intel semifinalist named. The Intel STS finalists will be announced on January 22 and will compete for additional awards in Washington, D.C. in March.  

A number of talented high school students participate annually in summer research programs at Stony Brook, including the Garcia Center: Polymers at Engineered Interfaces - Research Scholar Program, and the Simons Summer Research Program. This year, on the 30th anniversary of the Simons program, 17 Simons Fellows were named Intel STS semifinalists.  Eleven of the 21 semifinalists who worked with Stony Brook mentors are from New York (Long Island had 50 semifinalists); other semifinalists working at Stony Brook included students from California (4), Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington and Wisconsin.

The compelling numbers underscore Stony Brook’s reputation in developing the research talents of exceptional high school students. Since 1997 Stony Brook faculty mentored 415 Intel semifinalists.

A listing of Intel awardees who worked at Stony Brook, with their project titles and mentors, is available at  https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/simons/intel.html  and includes:

Cameron Akker, Redmond High School, Redmond, WA., who worked with Dr. Miriam Rafailovich, Materials Science and Engineering & Chemical and Molecular Engineering on   Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Coated Nafion Membranes For Enhanced Performance in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

Priya Alagesan, Manhasset HS, Manhasset, NY, who worked with Dr. Aaron Neiman, Biochemistry & Cell Biology on Defining Region-Specific interactions of members of the Leading Edge protein Complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae  

Bhavani AnanthabhotlaKings Park HS, Kings Park, NY, who worked with Dr. Clinton Rubin & Ete Chan, Biomedical Engineering on The Efficacy of Mechanical Stimulation to Improve Cortical Bone Quality in a Diet-induced Obesity Model, as determined by an Investigation of mechanical, Areal and Material Property

Kathy CamenzindCalifornia HS, San Ramon, CA, who worked with Dr. John Noé & Dr. Marty Cohen, Physics & Astronomy, Laser Teaching Center on Quantifying Trapping Forces in a Simplified Optical Tweezer Setup.

Austin CaoHomestead HS, Mequon, WI, worked with Dr. Anne McElroy, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) on Evaluating the Developmental Toxicity and Genotoxicity of Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Relative to their Parent Compounds in Oryzias latipes

Aron CoraorHuntington HS, Huntington, NY, worked with Dr. Donald Lindsley Geosciences on Pressure Dependent Azeotropic Melting Relations in the Mg2SiO4-FeSiO4-NaAISi308-CaAI2Si208 System: A Critical Role in Lunar Highlands Formation?

 Catherine FeldmanSmithtown HS, Smithtown, NY, worked with Matthew Borths (Ph.D. Student) in research group of Dr. Erik Seiffert, Anatomical Sciences onPhylogenic and Dietary Signals in the Dentition and Mandible of Carnivora (Mammalia, Placentalia): A Geometric Morphometric Approach

Evangeline GiannopoulosWilliam A. Shine Great Neck South High School, Great Neck, NY, worked with Dr. J. Peter Gergen, Biochemistry & Cell Biology onThe Identification of Novel Runt and Even-Skipped Transcriptional Co-Factors in Drosophila

Anika GuptaThe Harker School, San Jose, CA, worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima, Chemistry onNovel Drug Delivery Systems Targeting Cancer Stem Cells for Next-Generation Chemotherapy

 Luran HeWard Melville HS/ *InSTAR, E. Setauket, NY, worked with Dr. Philip Allen, Physics & Astronomy onEmergence of Chaos in a Scattering System

Harrison LiWard Melville HS/ *InSTAR, E. Setauket, NY worked with Dr. Brian Colle, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) on Multidecadal Changes in the Frequency and Ambient Conditions of Warm Season Convective Storms over the Northeastern United States

Michelle MoffaHoly Spirit HS, Absecon, NJ, worked with Dr. Benjamin Chu, Dr. Benjamin Hsiao, Chemistry on A Point-of-Use Water Filter for Developing Countries – Year III: Improving Effectiveness, Practicality and Sustainability of Arsenic-Removing Biosand Filters

Dohee (Diane) Na, Jericho HS, Jericho, NY, worked with Dr. Jennie Williams, PhD, Department of Preventative Medicine on Elucidation of Racial Disparity Between Caucasian and African American Prostate Cancer for the Development of Personalized Pharmacogenetics

Jamie OdzerMichael Krop HS, Miami, FL, worked with Dr. Lorna Role, Neurobiology & Behavior: Dr. David Talmage, Pharmacological Sciences on Impact of Predator Distribution and Productivity Levels on Abundance and Feeding Patterns of Callinectes sapidus: What Does Blue Crab Behavior Tell us About Wetlands Restoration?

Emily PangDougherty Valley HS, San Ramon, CA, worked with Dr. Berhane Ghebrehiwet, Medicine on The Opposing Roles of Tumor Suppressive cC1qR and Oncoprotein gC1qR as Mechanisms for Inhibiting Cancer Pathogenesis

Parth ShahChatham HS, Chatham, NJ, worked with Dr. Tom MacCarthy, Applied Mathematics & Statistics on Underrepresentation of Cytidine Deaminase Hotspots Reveals Key Genes and Tropism for Herpesviruses

Sachit SingalHerricks HS, New Hyde Park, NY, worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima, Chemistry on Chemical and Computational Biology Approach to Identifying the Binding Site of Novel Anti-Tubercular Agents Targeting Mtb-FtsZ

Rahul Sridhar, The Harker School, San Jose, CA, worked with Dr. David Green, Applied Mathematics & Statistics on Understanding the Effect of Hinge Mutations on Domain-swapping in Antiviral Lectin Cyanovirin-N

Yongpen (Bill) TangSmithtown HS East, Saint James, NY, worked with Dr. Henry Bokuniewicz, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS); and Timothy Vallier (PhD Student, Music Composition) on Data Sonification of the Seismic Signature of Ocean Surf 

Kent UenoEarl L. Vandermeulen HS, Port Jefferson, NY, worked with Dr. Iwao Ojima, Chemistry on Design and Synthesis of Tumor-Targeting Drug Conjugates for Imaging Study

Jessica YamadaThe Winsor School, Boston, MA, worked with Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Pharmacological Sciences on For Want of an Arginine, the Termination Was Lost: Characterizing the Structure and Function of the R169Q MTERF1 Variant



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