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2/16/2018 Integrated Gas Energy Technology Institute Launches at Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook University and National Grid have launched the country's most comprehensive Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology.
2/12/2018 New Stony Brook University School of Pharmacy Taking ApplicationsThe Stony Brook University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences - expected to enroll its first PharmD class in August 2018 - is now accepting student applications.
2/12/2018 Nationally Renowned Climate Change Expert Named SoMAS DeanPaul B. Shepson, the Jonathan Amy Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, and of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at Purdue University, and the Division Director for Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences at the National Science Foundation, has been named Dean of Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) announced Michael Bernstein, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Stony Brook University. Selected after a national search for a new SoMAS dean Shepson's tenure starts on July 2, 2018.
2/6/2018 New Drug Target Emerges for a Dangerous Fungal PathogenThe Cryptococcus neogormans fungal pathogen is deadly. Now a team of researchers led by Stony Brook University scientists have discovered a novel gene that helps understand the mechanism of survival of this pathogen in various host conditions.
2/6/2018 Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. Represents SUNY as Panelist at 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit Feb. 5 & 6 in ArizonaWith climate change atop the global agenda and one of the top concerns of municipalities across the country, according to the just published findings of the 2017 Menino Survey of Mayors, universities are expanding their roles in taking meaningful action on addressing the problem. In fact, Stony Brook University in New York, has already achieved national and international recognition for its comprehensive academic and campus-wide sustainability initiatives, which date back to 1967, when the Environmental Defense Fund, which advocates using science, economics, and law to tackle environmental problems, was co-founded by a Stony Brook professor. It is more than appropriate, therefore, that State University of New York (SUNY) Chancellor Kristina Johnson has tapped Stony Brook President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., to represent the SUNY system as a keynote speaker at the Second Nature 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit Feb. 5 and 6 in Tempe, AZ.
1/31/2018 Fossil Evidence Shows Bats Colonized from Islands to ContinentsPlants and animals are generally thought to colonize from continents to islands, over time leading to the evolution of separate island species.
1/26/2018 Mammals Moving Less in Human Landscapes May Upset EcosystemsCould baboons and other mammals worldwide soon need pedometers? A new study reveals that on average, mammals move less in human-modified landscapes.
1/19/2018 Can Using Theatrical Techniques Improve Social Skills of Autistic Youths?A new study examines the benefit of combining theatrical techniques with behavioral treatment approaches for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
1/17/2018 A Survival Lesson from Bats - Eating Variety Keeps Species MultiplyingDiet is an important factor influencing the survival and evolution of all species. Many studies have shown that when species evolve from being a predator or insectivore to being a vegetarian, the rate at which new species arise increases. But a new study published in Ecology Letters reveals that omnivorous New World noctilionoid bats, those species with diets including both plant and animal materials, produce more generations in the long run than specialized vegetarian or insectivorous species.
12/29/2017 Top 10 Moments of 2017 at Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook University is sharing a look back at some its most significant moments from 2017.
12/22/2017 Emerging Drug Could Help Treat a Common Liver DiseaseTreating a liver disease called NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), which affects 10 to 15 percent of obese individuals with type-2 diabetes worldwide, is difficult. But now scientists believe they have found a pharmacologic approach that may inhibit NASH, and thus stop deadly conditions that result from NASH such as cirrhosis and liver cancer.
12/21/2017 Stony Brook Launches 1,650 New Graduates in December Commencement CeremonyLaunching 1,650 talented graduates into a promising future, Stony Brook University held its 20th annual winter commencement ceremony today in the Island Federal Credit Union Arena. During his commencement address, President Samuel L. Stanley Jr​. highlighted key elements of the Stony Brook experience, congratulated the accomplished graduating class, and celebrated the University's forward trajectory and diverse landscape. "Today we mark a bright new future for our graduates," President Stanley said. "I know behind each and every one of your degrees that there is a story; a story of hard work, a passion for knowledge, but ultimately perseverance, and today its success". The commencement ceremony honored recipients of 915 Bachelor degrees, 590 Masters degrees, 110 Doctoral and Professional degrees and 55 certificates.​
12/19/2017 New Occupancy Detection Device Designed to Save Home Energy UsePhotoelectric infrared (PIR) sensors are the current choice for occupancy presence detection in buildings. The sensors are used for smart thermostats to control heating and cooling based on occupancy. A major problem is that these PIR sensors only detect individuals who are moving. A Stony Brook University research team is developing a new type of PIR sensor that is equipped with an electronic shutter and other technologies that enable fast and accurate occupancy detection including individuals who are stationary.
12/15/2017 Computer Scientist and Biomedical Engineer Named Fellows of the National Academy of InventorsArie Kaufman, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, and Clinton Rubin, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University have been elected as Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).
12/14/2017 Wealth Inequality Increased in Ancient Times with Animal DomesticationAn analysis of 63 archaeological sites across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa by a team of international scientists, including Elizabeth Stone from the Department of Anthropology, revealed that wealth inequality increased over time and was tied to the rise of animal domestication. Published in Nature, the study used house size as a measure of wealth.
12/13/2017 Stony Brook Southampton Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Audio Podcast Fellow ProgramBeginning in August 2018, a new one-year Audio Podcast Fellows program will launched at Stony Brook Southampton/Manhattan in association with WSHU Public Radio. The first of its kind in the U.S., the Audio Podcast Fellow program offers students advanced training in all aspects of podcasting while they develop their own podcasts, from proposal to pilot to pitch. Stony Brook Southampton's Kathleen Russo, a producer of Alec Baldwin's "Here's the Thing" podcast, will direct the new Audio Podcast Fellows program.
12/12/2017 Study Reveals Skin Pigmentation Heredity is Not Straight ForwardMany studies suggest that the genetics of skin pigmentation are simple, as a small number of known genes account for nearly 50 percent of pigment variation. A new study published in Cell counters this scientific view and suggests that while skin pigmentation is nearly 100 percent heritable, it is not a straightforward trait in humans.
12/11/2017 ​New Professorship to Study One of the World's Oldest LanguagesWith literary works dating as far back as 300 BCE, the Tamil language is nearly as old as Hebrew (335 BCE), and stands next to Chinese as the most enduring classical language still spoken today. Yet remarkably, while dozens of U.S. colleges and universities have Hebrew or Chinese language and cultural studies programs, only a handful offer Tamil.
12/5/2017 New Reef Aims to Bring Oysters Back to Long IslandThe first oyster reef on Long Island has been installed in Shinnecock Bay by Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) researchers. The installation is a conservation effort to rejuvenate oyster reproduction on Long Island and help improve and maintain clean water.
11/29/2017 New Nursing PhD Program Answers Need for More Nurse ScientistsThe Stony Brook University School of Nursing is launching a PhD in Nursing that will begin in the summer of 2018. The PhD in Nursing Program emphasizes education and training at the highest level in order to develop the next generation of nurse scientists and educators skilled in research methodologies useful in all areas of nursing science to improve the health and well-being of the population.
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