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Robert P. Crease is a Professor in the Philosophy Department and the historian at Brookhaven National Laboratory. His research includes the philosophy of science, history of modern science, and the nature of the experimental process. He writes a monthly column, "Critical Point," on the social dimensions of science for the international physics magazinePhysics World, published in London.

Specific areas of expertise: History of modern science, national laboratories, and performance theory.

Dick Howard is Distingished Professor of Philosophy at Stony Brook and a fellow at the Center for European Studies at NYU. His research focuses on issues relating to American politics seen within the context of European and particularly French politics and policies. He also is a member of editorial boards of academic and interdisciplinary journals in the U.S. and abroad. He has done political commentaries for a variety or radio and television stations, in English, French (including Quebecois), and German, and has written in daily, weekly and monthly journals, including The New York Times and Le Figaro. His most recent book, Aux origines de la pensee politique americaine (Buchet-Chastel), was written in French.

Specific areas of of expertise: Comparative politics, U.S. politics seen in an international and a "philosophical" and historical perspective. 



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