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Mark Aronoff, Ph.D. is a Professor of Linguistics and Deputy Provost. His research touches on almost all aspects of word structure and its relations to sound structure, syntax, semantics, and psycholinguistics. He has used a wide variety of methods in his work, ranging from traditional analysis of both primary and secondary data from a wide variety of languages to lexical decision experiments to dictionary-based counting. He maintains a secondary research interest in writing systems, especially how they relate to spoken language and linguistic awareness. 

Specific areas of expertise: The lexical meaning of English affixes; suffix combinations in English and German; Semitic word structure; and the word structure of sign languages. 

Dorit Kaufman, Ph.D. a Professor of Linguistics whose research focuses on native language attrition among pre-adolescent immigrant children in the United States with an emphasis on the psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic processes that drive the progressive decline of Hebrew in the English-dominant context. Other areas of research interest include oral and written narrative production among Hebrew-speaking children in the U.S. with a focus on how linguistic forms, content, and narrative structure are affected by attrition; and a longitudinal perspective on the acquisition of Hebrew as a foreign language and emergent literacy in this bilingual context, 

Specific areas of expertise: Teacher education and pedagogy with a focus on the impact of reflective practices, constructivist approaches, and interdisciplinary collaboration on professional growth. 



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