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July 30 Update! 11 Babies Born at Stony Brook yesterday!….We're now just 239 births away from the 100,000th delivery! (congrats to the Schultz family on birth of Stella!)
Today's update- as of July 29 at 1159 pm there were an additional 11 deliveries Brings count from 250 to 239

Sheri-lea and Patrick Schultz, with daughter Stella, born at Stony Brook University Hospital on 7/29/15. Photo credit: Stony Brook Medicine.

Thank you to Patrick & Sheri-lea Schultz of Mastic, Long Island, for helping us get there! Their daughter Stella, was born yesterday, July 29. She joins sister Makenna, 15 months. Both girls and Patrick (born on Jan. 4, 1984) were all born at Stony Brook. Congratulations to the Schultz family!

Stony Brook Delivers:

​Gearing Up, Counting Down to the 100,000th Birth at Stony Brook Medicine

Stony Brook, NY, July ​​30, 2015 – Stony Brook Medicine has launched a countdown towards the upcoming 100,000th birth of a baby (or babies, if a multiple birth) at Stony Brook University Hospital. The first delivery at Stony Brook was in May 1980 and today nearly 4,000 babies are born each year at Stony Brook University Hospital.

According to Todd Griffin, MD, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine, Stony Brook Medicine, there are between 10-20 deliveries each day at Stony Brook University Hospital; the 100,000th delivery is expected in August. Currently, this milestone is only 239 births away (11 babies were born on July 29). A celebration, anticipated for mid-August,​ is planned when the 100,000th milestone is reached.​

​Those interested in keeping track of the countdown should visit the Stony Brook Medicine Facebook page and Twitter feed.

People who delivered or who were delivered at Stony Brook are encouraged to share their personal stories on Stony Brook Medicine’s Facebook wall. Expectant moms who are planning to deliver at Stony Brook are also encouraged to share their due dates.

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Reporter Contact: Elizabeth Streich

(631) 638-2233 or elizabeth.streich@stonybrookmedicine.edu; Follow us on Twitter @sbunewsdesk and @StonyBrookMed




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