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Stony Brook Professor Shows 5th Graders How to Track Penguin Poop and be a “Citizen Scientist”

MEDIA ADVISORY/PHOTO OP  For Tuesday, November 22 at 1:30 PM
Stony Brook University Media Contact: Greg Filiano
Office: 631-444-7880; Cell Phone: 631-338-7644

WHAT / VISUALS:                

Approximately 80 fifth graders at the  Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway  (HAFTR) will learn first-hand from Stony Brook University ecologist Heather Lynch about the lives of penguins in Antarctica, the biology of the continent, and how to track penguin droppings by way of satellite technology using a new interactive website, called  MAPPPD . Penguin poop from all species are key indicators of marine food supplies and thus marine health and climate issues in Antarctica. 
Activities include:
- Professor Lynch showing the website on a screen and explaining how students have helped scientists by interacting on the website as “citizen scientists.”
- Professor Lynch demonstrating how scientists like herself in Antarctica do their work --- showing them the coats they need to wear, gear, tools and camera traps used to film penguins in the Antarctic wild.
- Student Q and A
WHY :      
Penguin living patterns are a strong indicator or the effects of climate change. The new website enables the public – and HAFTR students – to become educated and lend a hand in penguin conservation by way of the interactive site.

HAFTR Lower School
33 Washington Avenue, Lawrence, New York



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