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Seeking Truth in Science: Meta-Analysis As a Key


Figuring out what is true in science when researchers are bombarded with information from many different studies is a challenge. A new paper, published in  Nature, reveals that the power of meta-analysis in research synthesis over the past 40 years has transformed scientific thinking and research approaches. Meta-analysis has also become invaluable to making advances in many scientific fields, including medicine and ecology.

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 Medieval Barbarians Likely Imported Brides With Elongated Heads From Southeastern Europe

Thomas Sayre-McCord  (WHOI/MIT) and Philip McDowall (Stony Brook University)  pilot a Quadcopter at an Adélie penguin breeding colony on Brash Island, Danger Islands, Antarctica

An international research team including Krishna Veeramah,  PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University, has performed the first genomic analysis of populations that lived on the former territory of the Roman Empire from around 500 AD. The analysis provides a direct look at the complex population movements during the era known as the European Migration Period. The palaeogenomic study, published in PNASinvestigated early human medieval genomic variation in southern Germany, with a specific investigation of the peculiar phenomenon of artificial skull formation, the origins of which scientists have debated for more than 50 years.



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Can snowstorm totals be predicted better? Professor Pavlos Kollias center/back, and a team of SoMAS researchers are finding a way to better predict precipitation amounts with new radar technologies. By using new types of radar with current meteorology technology in the Radar Observatory (pictured) they can take an “MRI” of clouds, a high-tech visual of what happens inside clouds that pinpoints precipitation and other features. The observatory is uniquely positioned in the Northeast to test predictions of regional storms and precipitation totals.

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Scientists Discover 'Supercolony' Of More Than A Million Rare Penguins In Antarctica


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