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Map of the western part of the State of New York, including the Holland Purchase, exhibiting its divisions into counties and towns


Engraved map.

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1. Description based on slide. No scale, cartographer, or publication information available.
2. Image derived from a 35 mm. slide scanned to a Kodak Photo CD. Slide obtained from Holland Land Company Project, Reed Library, SUNY Fredonia. Original map is in Holland Land Company papers in the Municipal Archives of Amsterdam.  For reproduction rights contact Reed Library, SUNY Fredonia.




Map of the Western Part of the State of New York Including the Holland Purchase, Exhibiting its Division into Counties and Towns


This anonymous printed map reflects the rapid growth of western New York in the decades following 1790.  Many settlers were attracted to the rich farm lands of the Genesee Valley and other areas in western New York.  By this time the land was largely divided up into townships by the Holland Land Company, and several new counties had been established.  Most of these places still exist today.  This map also shows the route of the Erie Canal, which was completed in 1825, and further accelerated the development of agriculture and industry in western New York.

This map was probably printed by the Holland Land Company to attract settlers, and to help them locate potential farms. This map closely resembles a series of maps by Joseph Ellicott that the Holland Land Company published starting in 1800. For an earlier example of this series see Joseph Ellicott, Map of Moris's Purchase or West Geneseo (1804) at the New York Public Library.


William Chazanof,  Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company.

William Wyckoff, The Developer's Frontier:  The Making of the Western New York Landscape.

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