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New York State Map Pathfinder


    This pathfinder is a collection of links to digital images of maps of New York State.  It includes both individual maps and links to sites having multiple images. 

     This pathfinder is now available as a searchable database. For information about this and other cartographic databases available from Stony Brook University, click here.  Follow the link to Reference Web Poster, and select "Digimaps.enl"  For best results search "all non-indexed fields" or "all indexed fields" under the "advanced" option.

The old version is still available, and is divided into four parts:

    The maps in each section are arranged by title according to a computer's idea of alphabetical order.  To make sure of finding a particular item, use your Web browser's "search" or "find" command.

For further information contact David Allen

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Revised 4/24/03