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New York State Books in Digital Form

   This list is arranged in alphabetical order by author (last name first).  Works without an author are listed at the beginning in alphabetical order by title.  Use your browser's "find" or "search" command to locate works by keyword.  If you know of additional titles that should be added to this list, please send message to the compiler (David Allen).

Revised 10/27/00


Proceedings at the Mass Meeting of Loyal Citizens, on Union Square, New-York, 15th Day of July, 1862. 1862.

Report of the Committee of merchants for the relief of colored people, suffering from the late riots in the city of New York. 1863.

The American Goliah: A Wonderful Geological Discovery. 1869.

The Sidney centennial jubilee at Sidney Plains, Delaware co., N.Y., June 13, 1872. 1875.


Albany (1886) Bicentential  Loan Exhibition.  Catalogue of Albany's Bicentennial loan exhibition, at the Albany academy, July 5 to July 24, 1886. 1886.

Alexander, J. E., Sir. L'Acadie, or, Seven years' explorations in British America. 1849.

Anderson, F. Proceedings of a Council of Congregational churches, relative to the privileges of members of the Church of the Puritans, New York. Reported in phonographic shorthand by Finley Anderson. 1859. .

Bailey, H. D. B. a. S., John W. Local tales and historical sketches. 1874.

Barber, J. W. Historical collections of the state of New York : being a general collection of the most interesting facts, biographical sketches, varied descriptions, &c. relating to the past and present : with geographical descriptions of the counties, cities, and principal villages throughout the state. 1851.

Barnes, D. M. The Draft Riots in New York. 1863.

Barnes, D. M. The metropolitan police: their services during riot week. Their honorable record. 1863.

Bartram, J. a. K., Pehr. Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate, Soil, Rivers, productions, Animals, and Other Matters Worthy of Notice Made By Mr. John Bartram, in His Travels From Pensilvania to Onondago, Oswego and the Lake Ontario, in Canada: To Which Is Annex'd a Curious Account of the Cataracts At Niagara By Mr. Peter Kalm, a Swedish Gentleman Who Travelled There. 1751.

Beach, L. Cornwall [N. Y.]. 1873.

Beardsley, L. Reminiscences; personal and other incidents; early settlement of Otsego county; notices and anecdotes of public men; judicial, legal, and legislative matters; field sports; dessertations and discussions. 1852.

Bergen, T. G. Register in alphabetical order, of the early settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y. : from its first settlement by Europeans to 1700 : with contributions to their biographies and genealogies, compiled from various sources. 1881.

Biggs, Asa.  Autobiography of Asa Biggs, including a journal of a trip from North Carolina to New York in 1832.  1915.

Booth, M. L. History of the city of New York : from its earliest settlement to the present time. 1860.

Boyd, A. Boyd's business directory of over one hundred cities and villages in New York state. 1870.

Boyd, A. The New York state business directory and gazetteer. 1870.

Boyd, W. P. History of the town of Conesus, Livingston Co., N.Y. : from its first settlement in 1793 to 1887 : with a brief genealogical record of the Conesus families. 1887.

Brandt, N. The Man Who Tried to Burn New York. 1986.

Briggs, E. History of the original town of Concord : being the present towns of Concord, Collins, N. Collins, and Sardinia, Erie County, New York. 1883.

Brookhaven (N.Y.). Records of the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, N. Y. ... / vol. 3. 1880.

Brookhaven (N.Y..). Records of the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, N. Y. ... / vol. 2. 1880.

Browne, J. H. The Great Metropolis: A Mirror of New York. 1869.

Bunker, M. P. Long Island genealogies : families of Albertson, Andrews, Bedell. 1895.

Cahan, A.  Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto.  1896.

Child, H. Gazetteer and business directory of Madison County, N.Y. for 1868- 9. 1868.

Child, H. Gazetteer and business directory of Cortland County, New York, for 1869. 1869.

Child, H. Gazetteer and business directory of Monroe County, N. Y. for 1869- 70. 1869.

Church of the Puritans (New York, N. Y.)  Reply of the Church of the Puritans to the protest of their late deacons, also, a letter addressed to the church by sundry individuals... 1857.

Clark, L. H. Military history of Wayne County, N.Y. : Military register. Wayne County in the Civil War, 1861-1865. 1883.

Clarke, W. a. C., Albert Tracy. Half century discourse : the first church in Buffalo. 1862.

Colden, C. The History of the Five Indian Nations. 1747.

Colt, S. S. The Tourist's Guide through the Empire State. 1871.

Common Council.  Dance halls. Ordinances governing the conduct of public dances and dance halls, city of Buffalo. Issued by the Common Council. Daniel J. Sweeney, city clerk.  1914.

Congregational churches in the U.S. Proceedings of a Council of Congregational churches. 1859.

Congregational churches in the U.S. Proceedings of a Council of Congregational churches. 1861.

Congregational Churches in the U.S.  Proceedings of a Council of Congregational churches, relative to the Church of the Puritans, New York, and to the privileges of members thereof. May, 1861. 1861.

Cooper, J. F. New York.

Copeland, D. S. History of Clarendon from 1810 to 1888. 1889.

Curzon, S. A. Centennial poem. 1897.

Darby, W. A Tour From the City of New-York, to Detroit, in the Michigan Territory, Made Between the 2d of May and the 22d of September. 1818.,+to+Detroit,+in+the+Michigan+territory,+made+between+the+2d+of+May+and+the+22d+of+September,+1818+...+)).

Doty, L. L. a. D., A. J. H. A history of Livingston County, New York : from its earliest traditions, to its part in the war for our Union : with an account of the Seneca nation of Indians, and biographical sketches of earliest settlers and prominent public men. 1876.

Doyle, J. E. P. Plymouth church and its pastor. 1874.

Foot, Samuel A.  Autobiography, collateral reminiscences, arguments in important causes, speeches, addresses, lectures and other writings. 1872.

Foster, G. G. New York in Slices. 1849.

Francis, J. W. Old New York; or, Reminiscences of the past sixty years. Being an en larged and revised edition of the anniversary discourse delivered before the New York historical society, (November 17, 1857,). 1858.

Franks, D. The New York directory, 1786. 1874.

Frey, S. L. The Mohawks: an inquiry into their origin, migrations and influence upon the white settlers. 1898.

Furman, G. a. M., Frank. Antiquities of Long Island. 1874.

Gilbert, O. Narrative of Sojourner Truth; a bonds-woman of olden time, emancipated by the New York Legislature in the early part of the present century; with a history of her labors and correspondence drawn from her "Book of life."

Goodwin, Henry C.  Pioneer history; or, Cortland County and the border wars of New York. From the earliest period to the present time. 1855.

Green, A. New England's gift to the nation--the township. 1875.

Griffis, W. E. Sir William Johnson and the six nations. 1891?

Gumaer, Peter E. and Minisink Valley Historical Society.   A history of Deerpark in Orange County, N. Y. 1890.

Gunn, T. B. The physiology of New York boarding-houses. 1857.

Hammon, J. An Address to the Negroes in the State of New York. 1787.

Hammond, S. H. Country Margins and Rambles of a Journalist. 1855.

Hammond, S. H. Hunting adventures in the northern wilds; or, A tramp in the Chateaugay woods, over hills, lakes and forest streams. 1890.

Harper. Harper's New York and Erie Rail-Road Guide Book. 1855.

Hazeltine, G. W. The early history of the town of Ellicott, Chautauqua County, N.Y. 1887.

Headley, J. T. The Adirondack: or, Life in the Woods. 1853.

Headley, J. T. The great riots of New York, 1712 to 1873. 1873.

Hedges, H. P. A history of the town of East-Hampton, N.Y. 1897.

Hemstreet, C. Nooks and corners of old New York. 1899.

Historical Publishing Company. New York's Great Industries. 1885.

Hodge, W. a. B., Albert. A memoir of the late William Hodge, sen., and illustrative miscellanies. 1885.

Hough, F. B. Proceedings of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs appointed by law for the extinguishment of Indian titles in the state of New York: published from the original manuscript in the library of the Albany Institute. 1861.

Hough, F. B. The Thousand Islands of the River St. Lawrence : with descriptions of their scenery, as given by travellers from different countries, at various periods since their first exploration, and historical notices of events with which they are associated. 1880.

Hubbard, N. T. Autobiography of N.T. Hubbard, with personal reminiscences of New York City from 1789 to 1875. 1875.

Hunter, W. S. Hunter's Panoramic Guide from Niagara Falls to Quebec. 1857.

Interborough Rapid Transit Company. The New York Subway: Its Construction and Development. 1904.

Jenkins, J. S. Lives of the governors of the state of New York. 1851.

Johnson, C. Centennial history of Erie County, New York : being its annals from the earliest recorded events to the hundredth year of American independence. 1876.

Laskaris, P. A. Middletown: A Photographic History. 1988.

Levy, E. M. History of the Newark Baptist City Mission from its origin in 1851 to its seventeenth anniversary in 1868. 1869.

Livingston County Historical Society (N.Y.). A history of the treaty of Big Tree, and an account of celetration of the one hundredth anniversary of the making of the treaty, held at Geneseo, N. Y. September the fifteenth, eighteen hundred ninety-seven. 1897.

MacLeod, X. D. Biography of Hon. Fernando Wood, mayor of the city of New-York. 1856.

Manley, John.  Cattaraugus County : embracing its agricultural society, newspapers, civil list ... biographies of the old pioneers ... colonial and state governors of NewYork : names of towns and post offices, with the statistics of each town. 1857.

Marshall, O. H. The first visit of De La Salle to the Senecas, made in 1669: read before the Buffalo Historical Society, March 16, 1874. 1874.

Marshall, O. H. Expedition of the Sieur de Champlain against the Onondagas in 1615: comprising an inquiry into the route of the expedition, and the location of the Iroquois fort which was besieged : communicated to the N.Y. Historical Society Oct. 1875. 1875.

Masten, A. H. The history of Cohoes, New York, from its earliest settlement to the present time. 1877.

McManus, B. How the Dutch came to Manhattan. 1897.

Morris, R. The banks of New York, their dealers, the clearing-house, and the panic of 1857 ... By J. S. Gibbons. 1864.

Murray, W. H. H. Adventures in the Wilderness. 1869.

New York (N.Y.).  Board of Education.  A manual of discipline and instruction for the use of the teachers of the primary and grammar schools under the charge of the Department of public instruction of the city of New York. Issued by authority of the Department. 1873.

New York (N.Y.).  A narrative of some recent occurrences in the Church of the Puritans, New York; with documents relating thereto.  1857.

New York County (N.Y.). Report of Special Committee on Volunteering by New York County Board of Supervisors. 1864.

New York Clearing House Association. Report to the New York clearing house association of a committee upon reforms in the banking business. 1873.

New York (Colony) and New York (State). Secretary's Office.  Names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued by the secretary of the province of New York, previous to 1784. 1860.

New York Daily Times.  How New York is Governed: Frauds of the Tammany Democrats. 1871.

New York State Court of Appeals.  Slavery, or involuntary servitude: does it legally exist in the state of New York? Points on argument in Court of appeals. 1864.

Northup, Solomon. Twelve years a slave : narrative of Solomon Northup, a citizen of New-York, kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and rescued in 1853. 1853.

Noyes, J. H. History of American Socialisms. 1870.

O'Callaghan,  E. B. Laws and ordinances of New Netherland, 1638-1674. 1868.

Ostrander, S. M. a. B., Alexander. A history of the city of Brooklyn and Kings county / vol. 1. 1894.

Ostrander, S. M. a. B., Alexander. A history of the city of Brooklyn and Kings county / vol. 2. 1894.

Pelletreau, W. S., Haviland, Frederick , New York (State). Surrogate's Court (New York County), et al. Early wills of Westchester County, New York, from 1664 to 1784 : also the genealogy of "The Havilands" of Westchester County, and descendants of Hon. James Graham (Watkinson and Ackerley families) with genealogical and historical notes. 1898.

Pierce, H. M. Address to the first graduating class of Rutgers female college. 1867.

Pinckney, J. D. a. W., Thurlow. Reminiscences of Catskill. Local sketches. 1868.

Pratt, E. H. A historical sketch of the town of Cape Vincent : read at the centennial celebration of the township, July 4, 1876. 1876.

Randall, S. S. History of the state of New York : for the use of common schools. 1869.

Raymond, W. Biographical sketches of the distinguished men of Columbia county, including an account of the most important offices they have filled, in the state and general governments, and in the army and navy. 1851.

Redfield, W. C. Some account of two visits to the mountains in Essex County, New York, in the years 1836 and 1837; : with a sketch of the northern sources of the Hudson. 1838.

Rensselaer, J. K. V. The goede vrouw of Mana-ha-ta at home and in society, 1609-1760. 1898.

Riis, J. A. How the Other Half Lives. 1890.

Riker, J. Harlem (City of New York) : its origin and early annals, prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands, or, notices of its founders before emigration ; also, sketches of numerous families, and the recovered history of the land-titles. 1881.

Rogers, E. P. A historical discourse on the Reformed Prot. Dutch Church of Albany Church. 1858.

Rogers, F. D. Folk-stories of the northern border. 1897.

Roosevelt, T. New York. 1899.

Satterlee, H. L. The political history of the province of New York. 1885.

Sawyer, J. History of Cherry Valley [N.Y.] from 1740 to 1898. 1898.

Severance, F. H. Old trails on the Niagara frontier. 1899.

Shaw, S. M. a. A., Isaac Newton. A centennial offering; being a brief history of Cooperstown with other interesting local facts and data. 1886.

Shepp, J. A. Shepp's New York City Illustrated. 1894.

Sidney, N. Y. The Sidney Centennial Jubilee at Sidney Plains, Delaware Co., N.Y., June 13, 1872. 1875.

Simcoe, E. and H. Scadding. A Simcoe relic: among the Thousand Isles in 1796 : fragment of a MS. journal of Mrs. Simcoe. 1896.

Simms, J. R. Trappers of New York : or, a biography of Nicholas Stoner & Nathaniel Foster; together with anecdotes of other celebrated hunters, and some account of Sir William Johnson, and his style of living. 1850.

Smith, M. H. Sunshine and Shadow in New York. 1869.

Smith, P. H. General history of Duchess County from 1609 to 1876, inclusive : illustrated with numerous wood-cuts, maps, and full-page engravings. 1877.

Society of Friends.  A Brief sketch of the efforts of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends to promote the civilization and improvement of the Indians: also of the present condition of the tribes in the state of New York. 1868.

Sprague, H. Gloversville, or, The model village : a poem, with an appendix, containing a succinct history of the same : also, biographical sketches of prominent persons and notices of influential families whose history is connected with its foundation and progress. 1858.

Stdurenburg, C. Klein-Deutschland : Bilder aus dem New Yorker Alltagsleben. 1889.

Stetson, G. E. New gazetteer and business directory, for Livingston county, N.Y., for 1868. 1868.

Steward, Austin. Twenty-two years a slave, and forty years a freeman. 1857.

Stone, W. L. The centennial history of New York City : from the discovery to the present day. 1876.

Street , A. B. Woods and Waters: or, The Saranacs and Racket. 1860.

Thompson, M.W. Broken Gloom: Sketches of the history, character, and dying testimony of beneficiaries of the Colored Home, in the City of New-York. 1851.

Thurston, E. P. a. B., D. A. History of the town of Greenwich : from the earliest settlement to the centennial anniversary of our national independence : including also, an oration delivered by Hon. D.A. Boies, at Greenwich, N.Y., July 4th, 1876. 1877.

Tilmon, Levin. A Brief Miscellaneous Narrative of the More Early Part of the Life of L. Tilmon: Pastor of a Colored Methodist Congregational Church in the City of New York. 1853.

Tuckerman, B. Peter Stuyvesant, director-general for the West India company in New Netherland. 1893.

Turner, O. History of the pioneer settlement of Phelps & Gorham's purchase, and Morris' reserve : embracing the counties of Monroe, Ontario, Livingston, Yates, Stueben, most of Wayne and Allegany, and parts of Orleans, Genessee, and Wyoming. 1851.

University of the State of New York and Daniel J. Pratt.  Report of the regents of the University, on the boundaries of the state of New York. / vol. 1. 1874.

University of the State of New York and Daniel J. Pratt.  Report of the regents of the University, on the boundaries of the state of New York. / vol. 2. 1874.

Waldron, W. W. Huguenots of Westchester and parish of Fordham. 1864.

Watson, W. C. The military and civil history of the county of Essex, New York; and a general survey of its physical geography, its mines and minerals, and industrial pursuits, embracing an account of the northern wilderness; and also the military annals of the fortresses of Crown Point and Ticonderoga. 1869.

Welch, S. M. Home history. Recollections of Buffalo during the decade from 1830 to 1840, or fifty years since. 1890.

White, R. G. The Chronicles of Gotham. 1871.

Whitehorne, G. A. Report of the Committee of merchants for the relief of colored people, suffering from the late riots in the city of New York. 1863.

Wilkeson, J. The manufacture of iron in Buffalo. A paper read by invitation before the Buffalo historical society, January 25, 1864, by John Wilkeson, esq. 1864.

Wilson, H. Wilson's Illustrated Guide to the Hudson River. 1851.

Wolcott, W. The military history of Yates county, N. Y., comprising a record of the services rendered by the citizens of this county in the army and navy, from the foundation of the government to the present time. 1895.

Wolley, C. A two years journal in New York, and part of its territories in America New ed. 1860.


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