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Long Island Maps Elsewhere on the Internet

American Shores
Collection of early maps from New York Public Library includes many maps of Long Island.

Hudson Canyon
A beautiful digital elevation model of Long Island and surrounding waters. (Applied Physics Laboratory, John Hopkins University.)

Library of Congress Maps
Check the "Panoramic Map Collection" page for bird's-eye views of many Long Island towns. Also includes Revolutionary War maps, railroad maps of Long Island, and more.

Historic USGS Maps of Long Island, 1897-1903
Index to  15 minute quadrangle maps at the Dimond Library, University of New Hampshire. Look for index at bottom of page or go directly to University of New Hampshire and search by quadrangle name.

Maps from Myron L. Fuller, The Geology of Long Island (1914)--require MrSID plugin

Topographic Map of Long Island
Geologic Map of Long Island

Digital Elevation Models of Long Island
Beautiful topographic model of Long Island made from digital elevation data.

Digital Elevation Model of Long Island
Very high resolution version of previous image (requires MrSID plugin).

Connecticut Historical Maps
Many early maps of Connecticut also show Long Island. Check out the maps by Bernard Romans (1777) and J.H. Colton (1855) at this site for information on early Long Island roads and towns. (MAGIC Map and Geographic Information Center, University of Connecticut)

1895 Rand McNally Map of New York State
Shows railroads on Long Island. (Applied Physics Laboratory, John Hopkins University.)

Long Island Street Maps
From Yahoo! Follow directions on screen.

Long Island Rail Road Route Map

Long Island road condition updated every minute.

Tiger Map Service Browser
1990 Population maps, congressional district maps, and much more from U.S. Census Bureau. For 2000 census data see American Factfinder.

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