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GIS at Stony Brook (General Information) 

     Stony Brook participates in a SUNY-wide site license with Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI).  Under this license, Stony Brook students, faculty, and staff have access to a wide range of ESRI software, including ArcView and ArcInfo. Additional information is available in the contract between SUNY and ESRI.

     The most recent version of ArcView 8.x is loaded on all of the campus SINC sites.  In addition, ArcView 8.2 and ArcView 3.1 are available for general use at two workstations in the North Reading Room of the Melville Library. 

GIS Data Available on Campus

     GIS data available on CDs in the Melville Library includes the Digital Chart of the World, GeoLytics Census CDs for 1970-2000, and ESRI's Data and Maps 2000.  In addition, the library has numerous CDs with GIS data obtained through the Federal Depository Library Program, and a variety of local data files.  More data is available through our memberships in the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), and in the New York State Data Sharing Cooperative.  Large amounts of free data can also be found on the Internet from sources listed on our links page below.  Please contact David Allen for additional information regarding data sets available on campus. 

GIS Training and Assistance

     Basic help in getting started with ArcView is available in the North Reading Room of the Melville Library.  Please e-mail or call David Allen (632-1159) to arrange for an appointment.

     Manuals for the various ESRI programs are available on CD-ROM in the North Reading Room of the Library.  Please schedule an appointment if you wish to make copies.

     Stony Brook users can take online courses through ESRI's Virtual Campus.  Individuals can register by themselves for free courses.  Classes, and those wishing to register for courses available without charge only through our Virtual Campus membership, should register with Sanjay Kapur.

    A course on "Environmental Analysis Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems" is offered some semesters through the Anthropology Department.

GIS Training and Events on Campus and Nearby

Weds., Sept. 24, 2003. Long Island GIS Users Group meets at Brookhaven National Laboratory. See for further information.

GIS Data and Information on the World Wide Web

  Many local, regional, and world-wide resources are available at other locations.  Click here to go to our page of links.

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