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Bibliographies from Stony Brook University


     The following bibliographies were produced on this campus using the database management program EndNote, and are displayed using Reference Web Poster.

     This is a new project, and there are still some technical problems in searching and displaying the bibliographies.  Usually best results can be obtained by going to "advanced search" and searching both "all indexed fields" and "all non-indexed fields" (using Boolean or).  Title information does not always display on the brief reference list.  Click on the icon on the left to view complete references.

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Use the pull-down menu to view the following bibliographies:

1. LIGEOBIB.ENL  A bibliography of publications relating to Long Island Geology.  Produced by students of the Geosciences Dept. under the Supervision of Professor Gilbert Hanson.

2.  nysmaps.enl  A fairly comprehensive bibliography of New York State Maps. Most of the maps listed were produced before 1830.  Includes many unique manuscript maps held by various institutions.  Most references are annotated, and multiple holding libraries are often shown for printed maps (although it is not a complete union list).  Includes publications that have facsimiles of rare maps, and some links to digital images.  Compiled by David Allen.

3. LImaps2.enl A bibliography of Long Island maps. Overlaps the New York State map bibliography, but includes additional maps of local interest, and many more maps published after 1830. Focuses on maps held at Stony Brook University, but has selected holdings at other institituions. Lists maps published as photographs or facsimiles in books. Some links to online resources. Compiled by David Allen.

4. Specmaps.enl  A list of New York State maps in the Dept. of Special Collections at Stony Brook University.  Approximately 1700 maps, mostly published between 1830 and 1940.  Compiled by David Allen with additions and revisions by Kristen Nyitray.

5.  Digimaps.enl  Database with links to digital images of New York State Maps on the Web.  Searchable version of Map Collection's "New York State Map Pathfinder."  Compiled by Jessica McEachern under supervision of David Allen.

6.  Docmaps.enl  2,196 maps from New York State legislative documents prior to 1940.  List is incomplete because Stony Brook has only partial holdings of this set, but this appears to be the only list of these materials available.  Compiled by Jessica McEachern under supervision of David Allen.

7.  Soils.enl  1,492 soil maps published prior to 1950 from Stony Brook's nationwide collection.  Compiled by Jessica McEachern under supervision of David Allen.




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