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Sauthier, Claude Joseph

A map of the Province of New-York, reduc'd from the large drawing of that Province, compiled from actual surveys by order of His Excellency William Tryon, Esqr. Captain General & Governor of the same

Publication information:
 London, W. Faden, 1776

Ratzer, Bernhard

Copperplate engraving, hand colored, 72 x 58 cm.

New York State--Maps--Early works to 1800 
New Jersey--Maps--Early works to 1800

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Claude Joseph Sauthier

A Map of the Province of New York, 1776

   Sauthier's map of New York summarizes much of the British military mapping done in the years preceding the revolution.  Sautier himself typifies the multi-cultural staff of the British corps of engineers.  Born in Strasbourg, Sautier practiced surveying in his native Alsace. He was eventually employed by Governor Tyron in 1776, and appointed surveyor for the Province of New York in 1773.  As surveyor for New York he was involved in determining the disputed boundaries of the province.   After 1776 he was employed as a military surveyor.

  In compiling this map Sauthier drew on his detailed surveys, as well as on the surveys of Bernard Ratzer, another important surveyor and map maker in the years preceding the Revolution.  Predictably, Sauthier's map focuses on New York's boundaries, including an area disputed between New York and New Jersey, and New York's extensive claims in what is now Vermont.

   The more detailed map from which this map was "reduc'd" is available online from the Library of Congress.  This is Sauthier's Chorographical Map of the Province of New-York



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