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Doncker, Hendrick

Title: Pas-Caert van Nieu Nederlandt, Virginia, Nieu Engeland als mede Penn-silvania, met de Stad Philadefia, van Baston to C. Carrik

Publication information:
Amsterdam:  Doncker, 1698

Copperplate engraving, 54 x 63 cm.

New York (State)--Maps--Early works to 1800
New England--Maps--Early works to 1800 New Jersey--Maps--Early works to 1800
Philadelphia (Pa.)--Maps--Early works to 1800

1. Inset shows map of Philadelphia.
2. Published in his De Nieuwe Groote Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas.
3.  Digital image derived from slide of map held by the Library Company of Philadelphia.  Contact Library Company of Philadelphia for reproduction rights.


Hendrick Doncker

Pas-Caert van Nieu Nederland, Virginia, Nieu Engeland as mede Penn-silvania, met de Stad Philadefia, van Baston to C. Carrik, 1698

This nautical chart appeared in the 1698 edition of Doncker's De Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Werelt.  In spite of its late date, this chart is part of a family of maps dating back to around 1660.  Similar charts were produced during the decades after 1660 by Pieter Goos, Arent Roogeveen, and Johannes van Keulen.

Hendrick Donckerís chart is typical of the nautical charts produced toward the end of the period of Dutch rule over New Netherland. As a sea chart, it shows relatively little inland detail. Soundings and rhumb lines are included for the benefit of sea captains.   Shoals and other navigational obsticals are also depicted.  It is one of the first maps to show part of the barrier beach on Long Islandís South Shore.  Even though this map includes a plan of the City of Philadelphia, many Dutch place names are retained for New York and even parts of New England (Connecticut is still identified as part of "Nieu Nederland").  Dutch mapmakers were understandably reluctant to acknowledge the English conquest of this area.


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