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De Witt, Simeon

A map of the State of New York

Publication information:
Albany:  G. Fairman, 1802

Copperplate engraving, 167 x 135 cm.

New York (State)--Maps

1.  Scale ca. 1:316,800.
2.  "Engraved by G. Fairman."
3.  Images derived from two 4 x 5"
 transparencies scanned to Kodak Pro Photo
 CD. Original map housed at Library of
 Congress, Geography and Map Division.
 Contact Library of Congress, Geography and
 Map Division for reproduction rights.

Simeon De Witt

A Map of the State of New York, 1802

Simeon De Witt was Surveyor General of the State of New York between 1784 and 1834.   He was a pioneer in American cartography, and made numerous contributions to public life in New York.  He played a central role in the rapid economic and political development of the state during this period.

De Witt’s  1802 Map of the State of New York reflects the intensive surveying of uspstate New York that was conducted during the preceding ten years, much of it under De Witt’s oversight. The map greatly excels in coverage and accuracy any map of New York made during the colonial period. Of particular note is the depiction of the newly surveyed lands of the Military Tract in Central New York and of the Holland Purchase in western New York.


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