21st Beam Dynamics Workshop on

Laser-Beam Interactions 


Plenary Session M1   Chairmen  I. Ben-Zvi and A. Sandorfi (BNL)
M1-1 J. Hastings (BNL), X-Ray research between now and the LCLS
M1-2  C. Jacobsen (SUNY Stony Brook), Ultra-fast x-ray microscopy and holography
M1-3  C. Thorn (BNL), Gamma-ray tagging, LEGS facility, and applications
M1-4 X.-J. Wang (BNL), Review on the production of high-brightness, short-pulse electron beams


Plenary Session Tu1  Chairman T. Marshall (Columbia Univ.)
Tu1-1  K. Nakajima (KEK), A compact ultrashort high brightness x-ray and gamma-ray sources by laser-electron beam interactions
Tu1-2  P. Norreys (Rutherford Lab.), Vulcan PW laser, review on electron and ion acceleration and x-ray experiments in Europe


Session Tu2 "Laser accelerators",                       Chairman K. Nakajima (KEK) Session Tu3: "E-beam sources and diagnostics", Chairman S.V. Milton (ANL)
Tu2-1   Y.K. Ho (Fudan Univ.), Vacuum electron acceleration by focused laser beam Tu3-1  P. Karataev (TMU), First stage experiment on optical diffraction radiation at KEK-ATF: theoretical approach
Tu3-2  T. Kamps (Univ. of London), Compton scattering techniques for the measurement of the transverse beam size of particle beams at future linear colliders
Tu2-2 L. Schachter (Technion), Saturation of beam-wave interaction in active medium Tu3-3  J.W. Lewellen (APS), Ion tracking in photocathode rf guns
Tu2-3  J.R. Peņano (NRL), Pulse propagation and GeV acceleration in tapered plasma channels Tu3-4  S. Kashiwagi (Waseda Univ), High quality electron beam generation and its application at Waseda University
Tu2-4 R.N. Agarwal (New-Delhi Univ.), Electron acceleration by beating a laser with short wavelength plasma wave in a plasma channel Tu3-5  K. Kinoshita (University of Tokyo), Time-resolved x-ray diffraction from semiconductor crystals irradiated by ultrashort laser pulses

Poster session Tu4,  Chairman V. Yakimenko (BNL)
Tu4-1 K. Sasahara (TMU), Positron production from a tungsten single crystal at the KEK 8-GeV electron linac Tu4-11 A. Yu (Tsinghua University Beijing), Multi-photon Stimulated Compton Laser
Tu4-2 T. Muto (TMU), First stage experiment on optical diffraction radiation at KEK-ATF Tu4-12 N. Yugami (Utsunomiya Univ.), Generation of radiation from Cherenkov wakes by laser-magnetized plasma interaction experiments
Tu4-3 R. El-Bahi (Univ. of Sfax), A simple code for the trajectories in classical harmonic oscillator of a helical-wiggler free-electron laser with axial guide field Tu4-13 P. Potylitsyn (Tomsk Polytech. Univ.), Compton polarimeter for the analysis of circular polarization of a gamma-beam with energy > 10 MeV
Tu4-4 S. Banerjee (University of Michigan), High harmonic generation in relativistic laser-plasma interaction Tu4-14 P. Potylitsyn (Tomsk Polytech. Univ.), Stochastic energy loss in multiple electron-photon head-on collisions
Tu4-5 H. Takahashi (BNL), Quantum Aspect of Free Electron Laser Tu4-15 P. Potylitsyn (Tomsk Polytech. Univ.), Polarization of electron beam during laser cooling process
Tu4-6 K. Batchelor (Brookhaven Technology Group, Co.), A laser triggered synchronizable, sub-nanosecond pulsed electron source Tu4-16 G. Geloni (Eindhoven University of Technology), The impact of radiative collective effects on the quality of a high-peak-current ultra relativistic electron beam
Tu4-7 A.M. Tron (MEPhI), New principles for beam measurements with nm- and fs-resolution Tu4-17 J.I. Rudati (BNL), A versatile ultrashort tunable laser system for accelerator based applications
Tu4-8 G.J.H. Brussaard (Eindhoven University of Technology), A ‘new’ accelerator concept for generation of short-pulse high-brightness electron bunches Tu4-18 F.B. Kiewiet (Eindhoven University of Technology), A DC/RF gun for generating ultra-short high-brightness electron bunches
Tu4-9 K.Wada (TMU), Study of ortho-positronium laser cooling Tu4-19 F. Zhou (UCLA), Beam parameter analysis for vacuum laser acceleration at BNL-ATF
Tu4-10 K. Chouffani (Idaho Accelerator Center), Optical transition radiation from Cu, Al and silicon crystal Tu4-20 M. Uesaka (University of Tokyo), Laser plasma electron linear accelerator at the University of Tokyo


Plenary Session Tu5,   Chairman R. Tatchyn (SLAC)
Tu5-1  A. Ting (NRL), Generation of tunable, monochromatic x-rays by Thomson scattering: experiments and applications
Tu5-2  K.-J. Kim (ANL), Gamma-gamma colliders and cooling of accelerator beams


Plenary Session W1,  Chairman J. Kirz (SUNY Stony Brook)
W1-1  T. Tajima (Univ. of Texas at Austin), Extreme high fields of laser and high-energy physics applications
W1-2  R. Falcone (UC Berkeley), Review on femtosecond pump-probe experiments and other potential applications of femtosecond laser synchrotron (Thomson) sources


Session W2 "Gamma- and X-rays",                      Chairman I. Pogorelsky (BNL) Session W3 "E-beam sources and diagnostics", Chairman X.J Wang (BNL)
W2-1  T. Kumita (TMU), Experimental study of nonlinear laser-beam Thomson scattering W3-1  K. Takasago (FESTA), Generation of amplified picosecond square pulses for low emittance electron generation in photocathode rf-gun
W2-2  G. Ingold (Inst. Villigen), Femtosecond pulses of synchrotron radiation at the SLS storage ring W3-2  (TBA)
W2-3  V. Smetanin (Lebedev Inst, KEK), High harmonics generation in laser - electron beam interaction W3-3  T. Marshall (Columbia Univ.), Femtosecond planar electron beam source for micron-scale dielectric wake field accelerator
W2-4  Yuelin Li (ANL), Bright, sub-100-fs, x-ray source generation using small-angle Thomson scattering of ultrafast laser pulses from relativistic electron bunches W3-4  T. Srinivasan-Rao (BNL), Electron bunch characterization with subpicosecond resolution using electro-optic technique
W2-5  F. Sakai (Sumitomo), Stable femotosecond x-ray generation through Thomson scattering W3-5  T. Watanabe (University of Tokyo), Overall comparison by the 4 diagnostic methodologies for femto- to picosecond electron pulses


Session W4: "FEL", Chairman S. Krinsky (BNL) Session W5 "Laser cooling and positron beams", Chairman K.-J. Kim (ANL)
W4-1 M. Babzien (BNL), Analysis of the first high-gain harmonic-generation free-electron laser at saturation W5-1  S. Heifets (SLAC), Quantum fluctuations in the optical stochastic cooling
W4-2  P. Krejcik (SLAC), Femtosecond electron bunch lengths and x-ray generation in the SLAC FFTB beamline W5-2  T. Ohgaki (Hiroshima Univ.), Simulation of laser-Compton cooling of electron beams
W4-3  S. G. Biedron (ANL), Harmonic generation in high-gain free-electron lasers W5-3  I. Sakai (TMU), Polarized gamma-ray generation through Compton backscattering of circularly polarized laser-light off relativistic electron
W4-4  S.V. Milton (ANL), Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission (SASE) exponential gain and saturation at the APS LEUTL W5-4  E.G. Bessonov (Lebedev Inst.), Methods of laser cooling of electron beams in storage rings
W4-5  A. Trimaine (UCLA), Measurements of a 800nm SASE FEL W5-5  A. Potylitsyn (Tomsk Polytechnic Univ.), Laser polarization of positron beam


Plenary Session W6,  Chairman M. Roth (GSI)
W6-1  E. Esarey (LBL), Thomson scattering sources based on laser wakefield accelerators
W6-2  V. Litvinenko (Duke University), High intensity polarized monochromatic gamma-rays from storage ring FELs


Plenary Session Th1,  Chairman P. Chen (Stanford Univ.)
Th1-1  B. Hafizi (NRL), Optical guiding of intense laser beams in plasma channels
Th1-2  W. Kimura (STI Optronics), Generation of femtosecond electron pulses


Session Th2 "Lasers",                                       Chairman T. Srinivasan-Rao (BNL) Session Th3 "Plasma processes",   Chairman P.R. Bolton (SLAC)
Th2-1 K. Kobayashi (Sumitomo), Short pulse laser technologies for advanced accelerator applications Th3-1 C. V. Filip (UCLA), Thomson scattering characterization of low-density plasmas produced by a TW CO2 laser
Th2-2 Z. Chang (Michigan Univ.), Ultrahigh intensity laser at high repetition rate Th3-2 R. Narang (UCLA), A Subharmonic Instability in a beat wave excited plasma
Th2-3  I.N. Ross (RAL), A laser system for the CLIC drive beam photo-injector option Th3-3 V. I. Vysotskii (Kiev Univ.), The phenomenon of full surface super-absorption of laser irradiation during collective instability of oscillating electrons produced and accelerated on a surface of condensed target by short laser pulse
Th2-4 J. Urakawa (KEK), Laser super cavity    

Plenary Session F1,   Chairman L. DiMauro (BNL)
F1-1  P. Chen (Stanford Univ.), Laboratory astrophysics using intense particle and photon beams
F1-2  S.Ya. Tochitsky (UCLA), Status of the second generation plasma beat wave acceleration experiments
F1-3  Y. Miyahara (SPring-8), Intense gamma-ray generation by Compton backscattering for a linear collider
F1-4 P.R. Bolton (SLAC), Laser-induced plasma focusing of high energy electron and positron beams


Plenary Session F2, Chairman T. Hirose (TMU)
F2-1  R. Schoenlein (LBL), Generation and application of femtosecond x-rays from the Advanced Light Source
F2-2  M. Roth (GSI), Energetic ions generated by laser pulses