Workshop on Laser-Beam Interactions



The subject of the interaction of high-power laser beams with high-brightness electron beams is very rich with interesting science, applications and opportunities for new discoveries. This field is experiencing a tremendous growth and there is a great need for scientists exploring various aspects of this exciting discipline to meet, exchange ideas and present late breaking results.

Ongoing progress in short-pulse high power lasers and low-emittance electron bunch compression opens possibilities for various interesting applications, such as a new generation of x-ray sources operating on the picosecond and femtosecond time scale. Development of such sources promises new avenues for multi-disciplinary exploration on the molecular and atomic time scale. It may revolutionize the field of x-ray research and add new capabilities to the Compton sources of x-ray and gamma radiation.

Shedding light on the new development in the technology and application of femtosecond x-ray sources, the workshop will promote progress in this fast evolving field and will help to develop better a scientific case for future FEL-based coherent femtosecond x-ray sources. The symposium will be a forum for discussion and planning ways to widen user's access to novel opportunities in femtosecond research: can it be approached by expansion or extending the existing light source facilities or by giving a fresh start to next generation facilities.

Bringing together specialists in high energy physics, laser science, nuclear physics, plasma physics, and from the interdisciplinary light source user’s community, the workshop will become a unique forum for exchange and originating new ideas that will enrich the field.

The symposium will address the most recent results and prospects in the following topics:

1.   Generation of Femtosecond X-ray

2.   Topics in high field science

3.   Ultra-fast pump-probe experiments

4.   Ultra-fast x-ray microscopy

5.   Non-linear effects in laser-Compton scattering

6.   High quality electron beams

7.   High quality, high power laser beams

8.   Generation of polarized gamma-rays and polarized positrons

9.   Gamma-gamma colliders

10.  Laser cooling of accelerator beams

11.  Beam diagnosis

12.  Laser acceleration

13. Laser induced radiation from electron beams: Coherent radiation, seeded FELs, harmonic generation...

14. Control, manipulation and microbunching of electron beams by lasers