Authors preparing papers for submission should note the following points:


1)     Papers must be prepared according to the requirements of PRST-AB, which may be found at the URL  Papers may only be submitted in electronic form, not hardcopy.  Acceptable file formats are MS Word for Windows or MAC, PDF, and LaTeX.  To simplify uniform preparation of files, authors are required to choose one of the above formats and use the macros supplied by PRST-AB at the above URL.  Furthermore, acceptance for publication in the special conference edition of PRST-AB puts requirements on content.  Papers must contain important new results in science and/or technology.  Confirmation of previously published results of unusual importance can be considered as new, as can significant null results.  In general, authors should keep review material to a minimum.  Even so, some review and reprise of past work is appropriate if the paper can be made more understandable and self-contained thereby.  Papers cannot be duplicates of work submitted for publication to another journal.  Material previously published, or submitted for publication, in a Letters journal or in conference proceedings can be the basis of an article in PRST-AB provided the submitted manuscript presents more information, enabling the reader to obtain an improved understanding of the subject.

2)     The submission deadline for the proceedings on the conference website and CD-ROM is June 29, 2001, at 1200 EST. Papers shall be submitted via FTP as instructed at OR as e-mail attachments to Acceptable file formats for the ICFA conference proceedings are MS Word for Windows or MAC, PDF, and LaTeX. Papers will be published without further editing.

3)     Authors whose papers are screened by the program committee and suggested for PRST-AB publication must take care of the submission process themselves.  The organizing committee will not forward any papers to PRST-AB.  The submission of papers to PRST-AB, as well as the follow up to the peer review is explained at the URL There is no firm deadline for PRST-AB as of yet (June 11, 2001). You will have an opportunity to polish your paper for another 2 months before submission to PRST-AB. Each paper will be independently peer reviewed by the PRST-AB journal and published electronically.

4)     Authors are also responsible for granting APS the copyright for papers published in PRST-AB.  The copyright agreement can be found at the URL

5)     The announcement of the PRST-AB special conference addition may be found at