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International Travel Policy

Office of Global Affairs

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The Office of the Provost adopted the following policies and procedures in 2004 to (i) comply with state, federal, and SUNY regulations applicable to international travel; (ii) assist members of the university community traveling internationally on sanctioned activities; and (iii) minimize potential complications related to the international experience.

These policies and procedures were confirmed by the Office of the President in a memorandum sent from this office to the University community on September 24, 2013. These guidelines apply to all University personnel who travel internationally under University auspices.

Faculty/Staff Responsibilties:
  • Faculty or staff who take students abroad must have the written approval of their department chair, program director, or supervisor.
  • Faculty or staff who take graduate students abroad as part of their education, training, or field research; who advise graduate students to travel abroad, or who supervise graduate students while abroad, must also obtain prior written approval from the appropriate Graduate Program Director.
  • Faculty or staff members who take students abroad shall insure that each student under their supervision completes and submits the electronic forms in a timely fashion.
  • University personnel who travel internationally on University business, are strongly encouraged to obtain appropriate health insurance coverage and obtain prevailing medical advice. At a minimum, faculty and staff are strongly advised to complete and submit the electronic travel forms.
Student Responsibilities:
  • All students traveling abroad under University sponsorship must complete the electronic forms.


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