Welcome to Stony Brook University!

Welcome to New International Students Orientation. Our office is dedicated to helping new international students make a smooth transition to life in the United States and the US System of education.

What is the new student orientation?

It is a series of events designed to familiarize you with aspects of US Education and Culture. You will also learn about the US Immigration regulations necessary to maintain your immigration status.

What happens at orientation?

There is a period for checking in and completing an Intake Interview and attending information sessions. This means you meet with your Visa and Immigration Services Adviser who will scan your Immigration documents and make sure all your documents are in order.  There will also be a workshop on regulations and a chance to ask questions.

When and where is orientation?

Orientation dates vary each year, but are normally held a week or two before the beginning of classes. Please click here for international Graduate and Undergraduate Orientation information. 

How should I prepare for orientation?

1) Try to meet with your international student adviser before orientation begins.  If you arrive early, please check in as soon as possible after arrival.  Office hours are 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

2) Check-in with Visa and Immigration Services by completing an Intake Interview. For the intake you will need the following immigration documents:
i) Your original, initial Form I-20 issued by Stony Brook University
ii) If you are a transfer student, bring Forms I-20 from all of your previous universities
iii) Your passport
iv) Your Form I-94 (small white card issued at the port of entry into the United States)

To expedite the Intake Interview process, please log into your SOLAR account and enter your emergency contact information and LOCAL address.

Emergency contact:
Enter contact information for  a spouse, parent or legal guardian or closest relative. It is important for us to be able to reach your next of kin quickly if there is an emergency. You may enter more than one emergency contact.  

Local Address:
 Enter your LOCAL address  in SOLAR . Your local address is where you will be living in the Stony Brook area.

3) Bring a notebook and a pen or pencil for note-taking. During orientation there is so much information being disseminated. We do understand it is hard for students to retain everything so we encourage writing down as much as possible.

I have a hold on my account. Is it related to orientation?

There are two (2) types of Visa and Immigration Services Indicators (VISI). One is a non-impacting VISI and is usually placed on your account when you receive your SEVIS Form I-20 or DS-2019. This "hold" informs the university that you are an International student. However, it does not affect your ability to register for classes, order transcripts, receive your diploma, etc. The other VISI is impacting and is a real hold on your account. Usually, this is also placed on your account when you are issued your SEVIS Form I-20 or DS-2019, but is removed once all requirements are satisfied, such as attending orientation, paying orientation fee, and submitting all requested documents. In your SOLAR account there will be other Service Indicators that will be removed once you have met those requirements, such as paying tuition and submitting immunization documents.

Who are Student Ambassadors and what do they do?

Student Ambassadors are volunteer students who assist new international students during the orientation period with any problem they may encounter.

Where can I get additional information regarding orientation?

Please email us at visaandimmigrationservices@notes.cc.sunysb.edu or call us at 631-632-4685.