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The additional service performed that is not only clearly different than the eligible employee's regular employment obligation, but also does not interfere with the eligible employee's regular employment obligation. Approval must be obtained prior to the commencement of the service.

Extra Service Matrix

Employee's Primary Agency

Extra Service Agency

Employment Group


Stony Brook University Employee (West Campus/HSC) Stony Brook  UUP and GSEU Employees
M/C Employees:
State Classified Employees SUNY employees in classified service in bargaining units 1-6 and 31 see Dual Employment
RF Employees (Exempt):
  • RSF0006
  • HRSF0057 Voucher
  • Position Description*
  • Performance Program**
  • Depending on the funding account, additional paperwork may be needed.***
RF Employees (Non-Exempt): Research Foundation non-exempt employees are not eligible for Extra Service.
Another SUNY Campus UUP Employees: UP8

M/C Employees: UP6
Non-SUNY State Agency UUP Employees: UP8
M/C Employees: UP6
SUNY Employee Stony Brook UUP Employees:
M/C Employees:
Non-SUNY State Agency Employee Stony Brook Non-SUNY State Agency Employees
  • AC1588
  • AC873 Voucher
  • Depending on the funding account, additional paperwork may be needed.***
Stony Brook University Hospital Employee (East Campus) Stony Brook UUP Employees E-mail

                                                                                                         Extra Service Tool

What is Extra Service/Dual Employment?

Additional service performed that is clearly different than — and will not interfere with — the employee's regular obligation.

Extra Service

Eligible Full-Time EmpLOyees

Additional service performed that exceeds full-time (100%) employment.

Dual Employment

Eligible PART-Time EmpLOyees

For a part-time employee performing additional part-time service. The total of all the service performed cannot exceed full-time (100%) employment.

Note: Overtime is a continuation of an employee’s normal job responsibilities.

General Policies?

⇒Work must be performed in a different department or a different unit within the primary employing department.

⇒Work must be substantially different and in addition to the employee’s professional obligation.

⇒Compensation can't be used in lieu of overtime for employees deemed eligible under the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

⇒Cannot be paid from the same grant (Project, Task, Award) that the annual Research Foundation salary is paid from.

⇒Compensation may not exceed an amount equal to 20% of base annual salary in a SUNY fiscal year.


Frequently Asked Questions