Health Sciences Bulletin

Admissions & Financial Information


Admission to all Health Sciences programs is by formal application only and is selective as enrollment for each program is limited. Admissions to Health Sciences programs are conducted for the spring, summer or fall, depending on the program’s annual starting date(s). Each school of the Health Sciences is responsible for determining its own admissions policy and for selecting its own students. Information about each school’s admissions policy criteria and prerequisites can be found under that school’s entry in this Bulletin. Admissions decisions in all programs are made independently of an applicant’s ability to finance his or her own education. Students interested in applying for financial aid should refer to the Financial Info section in this Bulletin. Programs may require one or more interviews for all applicants who are seriously considered. Ordinarily, interviews are arranged by the programs rather than at the applicant’s request. Applicants are invited to interviews by telephone, email, or letter. Any further information about a specific program’s interview policy and operation can be found in the school or program section in this Bulletin.


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