State Faculty/Professional Recording Attendance

It is very important to maintain a good attendance record. The campus attaches considerable importance to reliable attendance and it is a significant factor in appointment and promotion decisions and daily operation.

Reporting Obligation

  • The workweek begins on Thursday and ends at the close of business the following Wednesday.
  • Professional Staff and 12 month Faculty are required to submit accurate time records on a monthly basis during their 12 months of obligation.
  • 10 month Faculty are required to submit accurate time records during their ten months of obligation (generally, August through May).
  • Management Confidential (BU-13) and UUP professional and academic staff are required to certify their presence on a monthly basis, recording any absences and indicating accruals to be charged through the SOLAR Time Reporting System.
  • Faculty/Professional time sheets are due in HRS the 10th of the following month and must be certified as accurate by the employee and supervisor/department head. Failure to submit time sheets in a timely manner may affect the distribution of an employee's paycheck on a subsequent payday.

Note: Falsification of an employee's attendance or time record constitutes a very serious violation and is a basis for administrative action.