State Classified Accruals

Annual (Vacation) Days

  • New annual salaried employees must be employed and meet eligibility for earning leave accruals for 13 pay periods before annual accruals are available to use.
  • Annual leave can be used in lieu of sick leave but sick leave cannot be used in lieu of annual leave.
  • Employees who wish to use vacation/holiday credits must have absence approved in advance by supervisor/department head.
  • Employees may accrue in excess of 40 days annual leave during the State fiscal year but they will forfeit annual leave in excess of 40 days (ex. 8 hr. employee - 320 hrs., 7.5 hr. employee - 300 hrs.) on March 31st close of business, and Security Service negotiating units on September 30th close of business.
  • The maximum payment for vacation accruals upon separation from State service is 30 days.

Personal Days

  • Classified employees are credited with five days of personal leave each year on the employee's "Personal Leave" anniversary.
  • Personal Leave is not cumulative.
  • The balance of personal leave remaining expires at the close of business, on the business day immediately proceeding the employee's anniversary date.

Sick Days

  • Employees are eligible to accrue up to a maximum of 200 sick days.
  • Sick leave accruals can be used for medical and dental appointments, sick related absences and periods of disability supported by medical documentation.
  • Employees may not use sick accruals when they are no longer sick/disabled.
  • Absences due to illness must be reported to the supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Sick related absences of 5 days or more require medical documentation to be submitted upon return to work.
  • Employees may use up to a maximum of 25 days per calendar year of their accumulated sick leave, for absences necessitated by a death or illness in the employee's immediate family.
  • FMLA Leave should be requested for extended periods of sick related absences.
  • Absences attributable to approved FMLA leave (Family Medical Leave Act) must be documented as such on an employee's time sheet.
  • Employees on a sick related/medical leave for an extended period of time, must submit medical documentation to HRS periodically. When an employee is able to return to work, they must submit medical documentation to HRS (48 hours before the scheduled return to work date) which clears the employee to return to full duty.

Note: Save your sick days! Unused sick leave accruals can be converted into a monetary value to offset out-of-pocket health insurance premiums during retirement.