Accident Reporting System (ARS) Memo/Procedures

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To: Department Heads, Directors, Managers, and VP Coordinators

From: Des Jessop, Assistant Manager Time and Attendance/Leaves/Workers' Compensation

Date: July 24th, 2001

New York State has developed two programs for work-related injuries/illnesses that will expedite processing Workers' Compensation claim. To report an injury or illness contact the Accident Reporting System (ARS) and ONECARD Rx, the Workers' Compensation/Health Insurance Prescription Drug Program.

ARS Procedures

A new benefit card is not needed when using ONECARD Rx. Prescriptions can be filled for a work related injury/illness by using the Empire Plan or HIP NY health insurance prescription drug card at a participating ONECARD Rx Pharmacy, and informing the pharmacist of the ARS incident number.

  1. The injured employee must call the toll free number (888)-800-0029, as soon as possible, to report a work related injury or illness. The information will be taken quickly and confidentially. This toll free number is to be used for reporting an injury/illness not for benefit inquiries.
  2. Write down the incident number the ARS call center operator assigns to the case. The incident number will be needed when using the ONECARD Rx prescription drug benefit.
  3. Seek medical treatment when needed. Inform the doctor that the injury or illness is work-related. Note: Personal Health Insurance cannot be used for Workers' Compensation injuries.
  4. An injury/illness must be reported to a supervisor within 24 hours. Submit a Workers' Compensation/State Employee Injury/Illness Incident Report to Time and Attendance as soon as possible.
  5. If a serious injury occurs and the employee cannot call the ARS call center, a supervisor, co-worker, or a family member may call.

Why Call ARS?

ARS is an electronic reporting system enabling NYS Agencies to report accidents to the State Insurance Fund and the Workers' Compensation Board. Cases are established promptly expediting claims and benefits.

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Please forward the Accident Reporting System information to employees in your area. If you require additional information, contact Heliana Mejia-Scherl at (631) 632-6186.