Completing the UUP Performance Evaluation

Points to remember when completing the UUP Performance Evaluation:

  • The performance of each professional employee, regardless of employment status, must be formally evaluated in writing by the immediate supervisor once each year during the length of the employee's appointment, and as changing conditions warrant.
  • Evaluation is a continuing process carried out on a daily basis. The formal (yearly) evaluation should be the summarization of this ongoing process. As part of the ongoing process, the supervisor should keep a file of positive/negative issues. These issues should be discussed with the employee without delay.
  • The formal evaluation must be based on the professional employee's performance program corresponding to the evaluation period. Make sure that all duties you will evaluate on are listed in the program. You cannot expect an employee to meet goals that he/she is not aware of.
  • Base your rating on employee's overall performance (the facts). Do not base on personal likes/dislikes
  • Do not be excessively lenient or strict -- Judge employee fairly on the merits of his/her performance alone. Do not judge based on concerns of employee's reaction, or that it is a reflection of your supervisory skills.
  • Evaluate the employee's performance of each goal independently. Do not let the performance of one duty/task influence your rating on the other duties/tasks.
  • Restrictive frame of reference -- Supervisor needs to understand cultural differences to avoid misinterpreting behavior - get to know your employee.
  • The comments/narrative should support the performance rating to clearly substantiate the overall performance summary.
  • If the overall comments/narrative of the evaluation clearly supports an unsatisfactory performance, then the rating should be unsatisfactory to allow the employee the right to an appeal.
  • Performance evaluations must accurately reflect the performance of the employee.

Note: If you require information or assistance in completing the evaluation, please contact your Human Resource office.