UUP Performance Programs & Evaluation Requirements

The Memorandum of Understanding between UUP and the State of New York and the Policies of the Board of Trustees states that professional employees shall be evaluated 'once each year'. The Policies, Article XII, Title C, Section 4(a) states the following:

Each professional employee in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit shall have his or her performance evaluated by the employee's immediate supervisor formally, in writing, once each year during the term of appointment and as changing conditions warrant, except where the employee is serving a final year in the University following notice of nonrenewal. Such evaluation shall be based on consultation with the employee, a copy of which shall be given to the employee.

It is the responsibility of those of you who supervise professional UUP employees to provide them with an annual performance program and evaluate their performance of the duties outlined in the program. It does not differentiate between permanent, term or temporary employees. Therefore, all employees, regardless of status, must receive a performance program and evaluation once each year. The purpose of the evaluation is manifold, and if done properly can contribute to professional growth, job enrichment and employee morale. If there are questions involving job duties the absence of a performance program places management and supervisors at a disadvantage as well as the employee because there is no agreed upon document that outlines the desired performance/expectations.