Permanent Appointment Frequently Asked Questions

When should I begin the Permanent Appointment File for my employee?
You should begin preparing the file 15-18 months prior to the employee's permanent appointment effective date. This will ensure proper notice in the event that the appointment is denied.
Does time spent in a temporary appointment count towards permanent appointment?
Yes, time served in temporary appointments are included.
I have a professional employee who received a letter from the Chancellor approving permanent appointment. However, before the effective date of the permanent appointment he was promoted. Do I need to notify anyone of this?
Yes, contact Human Resource Services (HRS). The employee must serve the last 2 years in the current title to receive permanent appointment. HRS will notify employee.
Are there minimum and maximum number of contacts to solicit for reference letters on behalf of the employee?
We require a minimum of 4 contacts from both the employee and the supervisor, giving a minimum total of 8.
Although there is no maximum, you should encourage the employee to select those who will give the most accurate and supportive responses.
I was solicited for a reference but I cannot support permanent appointment for the candidate, what should I do?
Your reference is important so that we have complete knowledge of the candidate's professional performance. Responses are confidential and will not be provided to the candidate without explicit authorization from them.
The faculty in the department want to vote regarding the permanent appointment of the candidate (similar to faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee/PTC). Can they vote collectively?
No, however the supervisor can solicit individual recommendations from the faculty and others. The immediate supervisor makes the recommendation for permanent appointment - it is not a committee process.
What material/documents in the file will be disclosed to the candidate?
This is an evaluative file, therefore all materials are available to the candidate for review and response prior to the President's review. This includes all documentation to evaluate and make recommendations with respect to the appointment (supervisor's statement, department head and VP recommendation). However, statements/documents from solicited references that do not indicate approval of disclosure shall NOT be available to the employee.
If the employee is denied permanent appointment by the President, is there an appeal process?
Refer to Article 33 of the UUP contract.