Deficit Reduction Plan FAQs

What is the Deficit Reduction Plan?

The 2011-16 UUP contract ratified by members in June, calls for a total of nine days of earnings to be withheld. Five of these days will be withheld in 2013/14 and four will be in 2014/15. Seven of the days will be repaid. Two of the days will be exchanged for leave (DRL). These numbers assume an employee is full-time for the entire reduction period. Part-time employees or employees who are not on payroll the entire period will have lesser amounts deducted.

The reductions will be taken over 20 pay periods in each fiscal year. The first eight pay periods of the 2013/14 reduction constitute the reductions that will not be repaid. All subsequent reductions will be repaid.

Who is subject to the Deficit Reduction Plan?

ALL employees in the UUP bargaining unit excluding those international employees on H1B, J1, or O1 visas are subject to the DRP.

If a professional staff member is teaching a course for extra service, will they have a reduction on the extra service pay?

No. Extra service money does not have the deductions withheld.

What is the reduction amount?

Employees will see a 2.5% reduction in 2013/14 beginning with the check of September 25, 2013 through the check of June 18, 2014 (20 checks) except for academic employees whose base salary is paid out only during the academic year (see below).

Employees with an academic year obligation AND whose base salary is paid only over the academic year (not over the summer) will see a 2.019% reduction in 2013/14 beginning in the check of September 25, 2013 through the check of June 18, 2014 (20 checks). This reduction percent is lower because the annual salary for these employees is condensed over the academic year only making their biweekly gross higher.

Part-time employees will see the same percentage reduction but on their pro-rated salary.

The reduction for 2014/15 will also be spread over 20 checks but the percent reduction has not yet been determined.

Are the same payroll deductions being made at all SUNY State Operated campuses?

Yes, UUP represented employees at all SUNY campuses are subject to the DRP.

When will the reduction days be repaid?

Any reductions taken from earnings after December 18, 2013 (check date December 31, 2013) through the end of the deficit reduction period will be repaid beginning the last pay period of State FY 2015/16 (April 2016), or upon permanent separation from service, whichever occurs first. Academic employees leaving the payroll with anticipation of returning the following semester will not be eligible for the early payout. There will be a separate code on pay stubs to distinguish earning reductions eligible for repayment.

Who is eligible to receive deficit reduction leave (DRL)?

UUP represented employees subject to the deficit reduction plan on the payroll during the first 8 pay periods of the program (payroll period August 29 December 18, 2013) are eligible for DRL leave.

How much DRL leave do I get?

Full-time employees are eligible for two days of DRL, assuming they will be on the payroll for all 8 pay periods.

Part-time employees are eligible for a pro-rated equivalent based on their FTE.

What if I am not on payroll for the entire period the unpaid reductions are taken (i.e. resign, retire, etc. before December 16)? How much leave do I get?

Employees not on the payroll for the 8 pay periods will have the DRL adjusted to an amount prorated to the hire/term/leave date.

When can the deficit reduction leave (DRL) days be taken?

With prior approval from your supervisor or department chair, leave may be taken between November 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014.

Supervisors will assess leave requests based on operational needs but should not unreasonably deny requests.

Is there a mechanism in SOLAR for recording DRL days that are taken?

Yes, there is a Deficit Reduction tab in SOLAR which reflects the DRL balance. Employees using DRL for an absence should choose DRL as the accrual type when submitting their time report in SOLAR.

Is it possible to take DRL in partial day increments?

Yes, DRL can be used in day increments.

What if an employee does not take their DRL days within the established time frame?

DRL days not taken between November 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014 will be forfeited.

Can I carry over additional vacation days to 2014?

Those eligible to earn vacation will be allowed to carry a maximum vacation balance (for this year only) of 42 days into 2014.

Im a part-time Lecturer, how do I take the DRL days?

Please work with your Department Chairs in determining the leave dates. In the event that this affects instruction, please utilize the same approaches, mechanisms, and substitutions used when a faculty member is unable to meet a class due to illness, travel to a professional conference, or similar circumstances. Options that may be considered include guest lecturer, providing a proctor for exams, mixed media presentations, and other appropriate learning experiences. Avoiding a negative impact on the student academic experience should be the primary consideration.

If you are a clinical lecturer who see patients, you must check with your supervisor to ensure that there is no impact to your clinical/patient responsibilities.