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Summer Salary Requests (For Faculty)

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To: Research Community
From: Aaron Rosenblatt, Assistant Vice President Office of Grants Management
Date: March 6th, 2008

This year the defined summer period for research faculty begins on May 26, 2008 and ends on August 25, 2008. These dates apply for anyone with an academic year obligation.

Several years ago the Vice President for Research simplified the process for requesting summer salary by eliminating the need for prior approval. Requests only require the approval of the relevant Chair and Dean. If you are requesting a full three-month summer salary, please complete the Three-Month Summar Salary Request Form in addition to the Research Foundation Employee Appointment Form or Change Form. For summer salary requests less than three months, submit only the RF Employee Appointment or Change Form.

Use the RF Change Form if returning to the RF payroll within one-year of your last RF paycheck. Use the RF Appointment Form if never on RF payroll or if more than one-year has elapsed since your last RF paycheck.

Completed forms should go directly to:

Research Foundation Payroll
Human Resource Services
390 Administration Building

Requests bearing the indicated approvals will be processed by the Office of Grants Management, provided that the expenditure is allowable by the sponsor and sufficient funds are available in the award. If questions arise after submission of the forms, the Office of Grants Management will contact the faculty member directly.

Note: All RF Appointment and Change forms should be sent directly to RF Payroll, Human Resource Services, 390 Administration Building, Z=0751.

CC: Deans,
Department Chairs