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Summer Appointments on Research Foundation Payroll

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To: Research Foundation Department Heads and Principal Investigators
From: Rick Sadetsky, Assistant Director Human Resource Services
Date: March 9th, 2007

In order to assist you with your Research Foundation summer appointments we are providing the following guidelines:

  • In 2007, the defined summer period for research faculty begins on May 21, 2007 and ends on August 20, 2007. These dates apply for anyone with an academic year obligation.
  • For summer only Project Aides (non-SUNY students) and positions without an academic year obligation, the Research Foundation has defined the range of employment to be no more than 4 months and must be between May 1, 2007 and September 30, 2007. Please refer to the memorandum authored by Rebecca West.


H-1B Visa Holders:
State Faculty with an H-1B visa are NOT authorized to work for the RF. In order for H-1B faculty to receive summer RF funds:
  1. The funds must be routed through their State payroll account, or
  2. International Services would have to file a concurrent H-1B petition for the RF employment. Several months lead-time is required.
Faculty: (see Payroll Schedule)
  • All Research Foundation summer apointments must be approved by the Principal Investigator and the Dean.
  • Campus policy permits, subject to sponsor constraints, the recovery of 2.5 months of full-time effort on sponsored projects during the summer.
Requests for more than 2.5 months (55 days) not to exceed 3 months of salaried effort for 2007, must be fully justified and approved by both the Chair and the Dean's office. The requests should identify the specific funding Project and Award and should address the faculty member's dedication of effort during the prior academic year.
  • As in the past, no more than two months (44 days) of total support may be obtained from NSF.
  • The monthly salary rate for summer appointments may not exceed 1/9 of the academic year salary per month. Human Resource Services will verify the State salary and obligation periods. The salary base appropriate to summer appointments is the salary of record for the 2006-2007 academic year.
  • All Research Foundation summer appointments to Post Doctoral Associates, Research Scientist non-teaching professional, and non-exempt support staff require the approval of the Principal Investigator.
  • New appointments must follow the regular recruitment and hiring process (summer Project Aide hires should follow the expedited hiring process as outlined in Rebecca West's memorandum).
Graduate Students:
SUNY Graduate students who have not yet graduated and are:
  • Enrolled for summer classes are eligible for employment as Research Project Assistants.
  • Pre-registered for the Fall 2007 semester are eligible for employment as Research Project Assistants.
Undergraduate Students:
SUNY (any SUNY) Undergraduate students who have not yet graduated and are:
  • Enrolled for summer classes are eligible for employment as Research Aides.
  • Pre-registered for the Fall 2007 semester are eligible for employment as Research Aides.

Required Documentation

To avoid appointment and payroll delays, please ensure that all forms are fully completed and submitted in a timely fashion (see payroll calendar).

  • Employee Appointment/Change Forms:
    • For personnel not previously employed by the Research Foundation an Employee Appointment Form must be completed.
    • For those employees returning to Research Foundation an Employee Change Form must be completed.
    • All sections of the Apointment/Change Form must be completed, and particular attention should be paid to:
      • The check distribution code/drop number (see listing of Payroll Specialists by department).
      • The appointment type. For appointments that will continue beyond September 30, 2007, please indicate "Regular." For appointments that fall within the period May 21, 2007 to August 20, 2007, please indicate "Summer."
  • Withholding Forms for "new" Research Foundation employees:
  • IRS Form 8233: for Non-Resident Alien claiming exemption from taxes due to a Tax Treaty between the United States and their country.
  • I-9: An Employment Eligibility Verification Form must be completed for all new appointments. Please note: under "Employer" the department should indicate The Research Foundation of SUNY. Please attach copies of the supporting identification.
  • Affirmative Action Documentation: The Research Foundation of Stony Brook University is required to "identify every applicant" even those seeking temporary summer employment.
  • Time Sheets: All RF employees must complete the appropriate time sheets/rosters For summer faculty Human Resource Services will provide a separate monthly roster.

Social Security Number

Every employee must have a valid Social Security Number issued by the Social Security Administration. Human Resource Services will provide a temporary pseudo social security number for campus use only. Those employees who have been issued this temporary number must apply for a permanent number at a Social Security Administration office within 7 days of appointment. When the valid Social Security Number is known a copy of the card should be attached to an Oracle Information Change Form and submitted immediately to Research Payroll in Human Resource Services.


Summer appointments to the Research Foundation that fall within the period May 21, 2007 and ends on August 20, 2007 do not include benefit coverage, except for New York State Statutory Benefits and TIAA-CREF contributions for employees vested in the Research Foundation Retirement Plan. Employees whose appointments fall outside, or extend beyond the defined summer period (indicated as "regular" on the Appointment/Change Form), may be eligible to receive benefits during the summer and subsequent months, providing that the FTE is 50% or more.

Further Information

For information on benefits, please call Cori Ribaudo at (631) 632-6163. For payroll and appointment information please contact your Payroll Specialist.

CC: G. Habicht,
K. Gray,
L. Johnson,
R. West,
A. Rosenblatt,
J. Schoof,
J. Riley,
J. Rivera-Palmer,
M. Ricciardi,
M. Graves,
C. Ribaudo,
VP/Dean's Coordinators