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Summer Project Aide Reminder

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To: HSC Administrators, VP/Dean's Coordinators, Department Heads and Principal Investigators
From: Rebecca West, Assistant Director Human Resource Services
Date: March 9th, 2007

With the end of the academic year 2006-07 approaching, college students will be returning home to Long Island with thoughts of finding jobs for the summer. Human Resource Servicesí Recruitment & Employment Service section is able to assist in providing outreach to fill these temporary positions.

The Project Aide title is included in the Research Foundation's AA/EEO Plan. Posting to the Campus Job Opportunities (CJO) fulfills the outreach requirement for this title. HRS Recruitment will work diligently to assist you in the hiring process. Below are the steps you should take if you plan on hiring a summer Project Aide.

  1. You Are Creating A New Position
    • Complete a Personnel Requisition Form (SUSB 37), (See Project Aide Position Standard for assistance with job development).
    • Forward the Personnel Requisition Form (SUSB 37) to your VP/Dean's Coordinator.
    • VP/Dean's Coordinator forwards Personnel Requisition (SUSB 37) to HRS Recruitment and Employment Services for job review.
    • Upon receiving approval to hire from Recruitment, an Authorization to Obtain Pre-employment Background Information form must be submitted prior to the start date of all new hires, including Summer Project Aides.
  2. Human Resource Services, Recruitment Area
    • Has established a streamlined hiring process, which complies with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requirements.
    • Will post three general positions for Project Aides on our CJO website (Clerical, Scientific-Lab, Social Sciences). After we receive your approved Personnel Requisition Form (SUSB 37), we will use it to match applicants to your specific requirements.
    • Will gather applications in the On-line Resume Database, screen applications, and forward you those that meet your requirements.
    • Will distribute summer job opportunity information to a variety of institutions and agencies, including those serving the under-represented community.

Additional resources are available on the HRS website under Summer Employment Information.

  • Guidelines for Hiring Temporary Summer Project Aides
  • At-a-Glance Grid
  • Project Aide Position Standard
  • Project Aide Request to Hire Form
  • Personnel Requisition Form (SUSB 37)

Should you have any questions or concerns about summer Project Aides, please contact either Heliana Mejia-Scherl or Jennifer McMahon, in Recruitment and Employment Services, Human Resources Services, 390 Administration Building, Z=0751, at (631) 632-1757 or (631) 632-1758 or e-mail:

CC: G. Habicht,
K. Gray,
A. Rosenblatt,
L. Johnson,
M. Graves,
R. Sadetsky,
RF & State QCB,
HSC Administrators