Nursing mothers may request reasonable time away from work to express breast milk.
In compliance with the New York State Labor Law Section 206-c (www.labor.state.ny.us) the following guidelines were developed to meet the requirements regarding the rights of Nursing Mothers to Express Breast Milk in the Work Place:
  • An employee who wishes to avail herself of this benefit is expected to give her department reasonable notice (preferably, the nursing mother provides notice prior to returning to work) so that a schedule can be arranged and a location identified.
  • Unpaid break or meal time, paid break time (including charging appropriate leave credits such as personal leave or vacation accruals), or flexible scheduling will be made available each day to permit nursing mothers to express breast milk for up to three years following the birth of a child. Please note: a classified employee using unpaid break time, will not earn biweekly leave credits if she works and/or charges leave credits for less than seven full days out of ten in a biweekly pay period.
  • The benefit is available to an employee during her basic work week, as well as during any overtime or additional hours worked.
  • The university will make a reasonable effort to provide a room or other location, in close proximity to the employee?s work area, where an employee can express milk in privacy.
  • An employee may be required to postpone scheduled unpaid break time for no more than 30 minutes, until appropriate coverage arrives.
  • The University/Department is not responsible for insuring the safekeeping of expressed milk stored in any refrigerator on its premises. The employee is required to store all expressed milk in closed containers, and regardless of the method of storage, bring such milk home with her each evening. LISVH ONLY: Employees are prohibited from using unit refrigerators which contain resident?s food and/or medication.
  • This policy does not accommodate breastfeeding in the workplace.
  • No employer shall discriminate in any way against employees who choose to express breast milk in the work place.
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