Extra Service/Dual Employment State Policy and Procedures

General Policies:
  • Approval for Extra Service/Dual Employment must be obtained prior to the commencement of the service.
  • Compensation for Extra Service may not exceed an amount equal to 20% of base annual salary in a SUNY fiscal year.
  • Extra Service compensation must not be used in lieu of overtime for employees deemed eligible (non-exempt) under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Note: Overtime is a continuation of an employee's normal job responsibilities.
  • Extra Service work must be performed in a different department or a different unit within the primary employing department and be different and in addition to the employee's professional obligation.
Extra Service: Additional service performed that exceeds full-time (100%) employment. The additional service performed must clearly be different than, and not interfere with the employee's regular obligation.
Dual Employment: For a part-time employee performing additional part-time service. The total of all the service performed cannot exceed full-time (100%) employment.
General Procedures:
  1. Request for Approval of Extra Service or Dual Employment
    • There are three different request forms for approval of Extra Service (see attached grid for guidelines)
      • UP-8: Request for Extra Service Approval form used for UUP.
      • UP-6: Request for Extra Service Approval form used for SUNY M/C 13 employees.
      • AC-1588: Request for Extra Service/Dual Employment Approval form used by most State agencies outside of the State University, SUNY employees in classified service in bargaining units 1-6 and 31, and UUP employees for dual employment.
    • The Request forms must be completed by the employee performing the service with the appropriate authorized signatures of both the Primary and Extra Service departments, and submitted to Human Resource Services.
    • Non-academic employees, attach a current Position Description (PD) or Performance Program (PP), that describes the employee's normal obligation, to the Request form.
    • Contact State Appointments at (631) 632-6184 for appointment related questions.
  2. Extra Service Payroll Voucher (AC-873)
    • The Extra Service Payroll Voucher serves as a time sheet to report actual dates and times worked. The voucher must be completed and signed by the employee performing the service, signed by the Extra Service department, and submitted to State Payroll for payment.
    • Contact State Payroll at (631) 632-6091 for payment related questions.