Position Description, Approval, Ad Request & Recruiting System (PDAR)

Introduction to PDAR

PDAR is a Lotus Notes application that assists and facilitates the job creation, review, approval, posting and ad requisition process. This electronic format eliminates five paper forms (SUSB37, Position Description, Ad Request, Ad Text and the first page of the SUSB68).

Groups and Users

User Groups manage the work flow. Examples of User Groups include Departments, VP/Dean Coordinators, Area AA/EEO Committees, Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action, Recruiting & Employment Services, Classification & Compensation and Advertising. User Groups facilitate the review and approval process. Groups may include one or more individuals.

Work Flow

Work flow is managed by automated E-mail notifications to the next level user. Those areas such as Human Resource Services and the Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action use Pending Folders to manage the review process. The Employment Tracking System (ETS) and the JOBS systems will remain a vital part of the work flow and notification process.