On-line Resume System Announcements

Hiring managers and search committees may now have resumes submitted online for position vacancies posted to the Campus Job Opportunities (CJO) webpage. A red envelope (Image of a Red Envelope) on the CJO posting identifies jobs that accept resumes submitted online.

Activating the feature is fast and simple. Hiring managers identify individuals that need access to the Online Resume System using the Personnel Requisition Form (SUSB 37). Recruiting and Employment Services and the area VP Coordinator have access to all resumes.

There are several benefits associated with using the Online Resume System rather than using a single individual's e-mail account. Please review the comparison below.

Comparison Item/Issue Online
Using a
Electronic Acknowledgement Letter sent automatically to applicants, saving time and money. YES NO
Voluntary Affirmative Action Information Survey (VAAIS) completed online, saving time and money. YES NO
All search committee members* have instant electronic access to resumes. YES NO
View resumes for all Open and Closed searches, organized by Posting Reference Number. YES NO
Does not accept resumes electronically after the Closing Date. YES NO
The applicants' submitted cover letter and resume retain the format intended by the job seeker. YES YES
Reduces e-mail account clutter. YES NO
No need to forward resumes to others and clutter their e-mail accounts. YES NO
No lost resumes. YES NO
All documents that are submitted are screened for viruses. YES YES
The database is regularly backed-up to ensure the protection of documents submitted. YES YES
HRS Recruiting assistance with resume attachments that are difficult to launch. YES NO
Ad Copy and Individual E-mail Address
The following text will be added to print and electronic ad copy where the online resume option is selected, "For more information and to apply online visit www.stonybrook.edu/jobs". The text will assist in directing applicants to the Campus Job Opportunities website where they can learn more about the job duties and submit a resume.
Departments that use the online resume feature are advised not to use an individual's e-mail address in the ad copy or job announcements in order to take full advantage of the database benefits.
Accessing the Online Resume System
1. Lotus Notes Users
Recruiting and Employment Services will send a link to the Online Resume System, via e-mail, to each person identified in the access section of SUSB 37. To access the database, simply click on the blue notebook (Image a blue notebook) icon contained in the e-mail to establish access to the database. Hit the escape key on the keyboard to enter the datebase. Your Lotus Notes Workspace now includes a link to the database. To access the system again, simply go to your Workspace and click on the database link. There is no need to enter your user ID or password again. Accessing the system through your Lotus Notes account is the quickest and easiest way to use the database.
2. Web/Internet with a Lotus Notes Account
Internet users, with an active Lotus Notes account, may access the Online Resume System by clicking here. Enter your Lotus Notes user ID and password, then click submit.
Using the Online Resume System
Getting started is quick and easy. After accessing the system via Lotus Notes or the Internet, begin by selecting All Positions, Open Positions or Closed Positions. All searches for the view selected will appear sorted by Posting Reference Number. Click on the Posting Reference Number to view applicants for that position. Click on an applicant name to view demographics and to print the cover letter/resume. Double-click on the attachment, located at the lower left corner of the screen**. The Lotus Notes Attachment Box will be displayed. Select View, Launch or Detach to access the document(s). Print the cover letter/resume to be included with other applicant information.
During the posting period resumes are located in the Open Positions view. After a CJO closing date, applicant information is accessible in the Closed Positions view.
Contact Recruiting and Employment Services for assistance in accessing the system, resumes or details about enabling the Recruit Online function at (631) 632-1129.

* Must have a Lotus Notes account and know your user ID and password.
** In the event the file cannot be opened/converted, contact Recruiting and Employment Services at (631) 632-1129 for assistance.