State Classified Probationary Period Failure (with no backup)

The following checklist is to assist departments with Classified employees separating service due to not passing the Probationary Period.

Item Action
  • Probationary Evaluation Form

Send the Probationary Evaluation Form to State Appointments & Payroll.

  • PeopleSoft Form (State)

PeopleSoft Form (State)

Departments need to complete the appropriate Change Form for the separating employee.

  • Demographics Form

Employee Demographic Data Form

The department should ensure that the University has an up-to-date address of record for each separating employee. W-2 tax information is sent to the last address of record. Incorrect information may result in a former employee not receiving this important tax documents.

  • Voicemail

Change passwords and voice mail announcement(s). Phones may be forwarded to ensure no service interruptions.

  • ID Card/Badge
  • Keys & access cards
  • Parking passes
  • Procurement Card
  • Uniforms & lab coats
  • PC's/Laptop computers, printers
  • Software
  • Access to electronic services/databases
  • Office procedure manuals
  • PDA's (Palm Pilots, etc.)
  • Cell phones, beepers
  • Videos, DVD's, CD's
  • Hand tools
  • Supplies
  • Any and all University property

Departments are responsible for the collection of University/RF property and/or equipment that were assigned to the employee. Examples included, but are not specifically limited to those items listed to the left.

  • Library books, fines
  • Parking fines
  • Corporate Card balances
  • Environmental Health & Safety clearance
  • Employee benefits information

Departments should encourage separating employees to check with other University departments to ensure that they do not have any other outstanding issues.

  • Time sheets

Employee must submit all outstanding time sheets to the immediate supervisor.

For more information regarding this issue, please contact the VP Coordinator for your division or State Appointments at (631) 632-6147.