JOBS Posting Production Deadlines

Day: Wednesday

Deadline: 12:00PM

Action: The department deadline for new JOBS posting requests is Wednesdays at 12:00PM unless otherwise specified in the JOBS Publishing Schedule. All SUSB-37's and PDAR's submitted by Classification & Compensation by this time will be posted. All posting requests must have appropriate Classification & Compensation approval. Additionally, the VP/Dean Coordinator and area AA/EEO Committee must sign all professional level position postings.

Day: Wednesday

Deadline: 12:00PM

Action: All "Fast Track" requests must be submitted by the VP/Dean Coordinator* to: Fast Tracks will be "cut and pasted" from the original posting. No changes to salary, duties, experience and education will be accepted (other than those required by RF Policy or collective bargaining agreement).

Changes to an approved posting (salary, duties, experience and education) must be resubmitted to Classification & Compensation, and the area AA/EEO Committee for approval (professional, exempt level positions.)

Only positions with an original posting date within three years of the request will be re-posted. Requests to post a Fast Track for positions more than three years old (from original posting date) require the department to obtain approval from Classification & Compensation.

Day: Thursday

Deadline: 03:00PM

Action: Last opportunity to pull a posting (including Fast Track) off JOBS. The request must be in writing and submitted to:

Day: Friday

Deadline: Close of Business

Action: Advertising requests are due to Recruitment to ensure placement for the following weekend.

Day: Friday and Monday

Deadline: All Day

Action: HRS Internal Post-production