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Note: For State Professional and M/C positions only.

When an employee temporarily assumes the responsibilities of a higher level position, requiring greater professional responsibility and competence, the employee has assumed an acting appointment.
General Guidelines for Acting Appointments
  • Generally, acting appointments should not last more than six months.
  • Acting appointments must be approved by the department Vice President.
  • Acting appointments should be made on the line number designated for the higher position.
Filling the Position Permanently
  • Every effort should be made to fill the vacant position quickly so that the acting assignment is minimized.
  • If a search is required, the position should be posted as soon as possible.
  • If a candidate has already been identified, a waiver explaining why a search should be waived and why the candidate is deemed to be the best qualified must be presented to the AA/EEO office for approval.
  • No commitment should be made to the candidate until the AA/EEO office approves the waiver.
Salary Implications
  • Salary increases for an acting assignment should increase the incumbent's salary to at least the minimum of the grade of the acting position. A salary increase for an acting assignment should not exceed the salary that would be given should the acting role become permanent. All such proposed increases must be reviewed and approved by Classification and Compensation prior to any commitment to the employee. These salary adjustments are deemed to be temporary for the duration of the acting appointment.
  • When the appointee is relieved of the acting role, the increases given for the acting role will be withdrawn.
  • If the acting appointee is subsequently appointed to the position, any salary adjustment at the time must be reviewed by Classification and Compensation.
How do I appoint an employee to an acting position?
Submit the following items to Classification and Compensation:
Note: If after six months a search fails to identify a candidate for the position, you may request an extension of the acting role by writing to the Director of Affirmative Action and requesting a waiver.
Required Forms
Human Resources Processing Form #1