Employment Tracking System

You will need to have a Lotus Notes account to access this system. When prompted, the username is your email ID (i.e. jsmith@notes.cc.sunysb.edu would be jsmith) and the password is your Lotus Notes password. If you are having trouble accessing this system, please follow the guide below.

» Log on to the Employment Tracking System «

If you log in successfully and get "No documents found":

You may not have any requisitions in our system, but if you think you should, please contact Classification and Compensation to verify that you have been granted access to your requisition(s).

Troubleshooting Guide

For information on obtaining a Lotus Notes account:
View Lotus Notes - Account Information.
If you are unable to log in to the Employment Tracking System:
You may need to change your Lotus Notes internet password.
If you experience trouble following these instructions, you can contact Client Support at (631) 632-9800 and request additional assistance. Let them know you "need help setting your Lotus Notes internet password."
If you tried all of the above and still cannot access the Employment Tracking System:
Please email Application Support for Administration and give a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing including any error messages or prompts. Please make sure your subject line of the email includes "Employment Tracking System."