Summer Coverage

Continuation of Graduate Student Employee Health Insurance Coverage for Summer

The following information explains the procedure for continuing your Graduate Student Employee Health Insurance during the summer months. If you are interested in continuing your health insurance coverage and meet all the eligibility requirements below, please complete the attached Continuation of Health Insurance form.


  1. You are currently enrolled in the GA/TA or RA health insurance AND
  2. You will be a graduate student employee in the Fall AND
  3. Your department expects to reappoint you as an eligible graduate student employee for the fall semester in the same title as this semester, example: you are a TA/GA now (spring) and you will be a TA/GA in (fall) or you are an RA now (spring) and you will be an RA in the (fall).

By submitting and completing the Continuation of Health Insurance Form you are authorizing health insurance premiums to be deducted from your payroll checks during the months of April, May and June to cover you for the summer months. The cost for the health insurance coverage during the summer months remains at the current bi-weekly premiums.

We understand that the March 18, 2015 deadline may pose a problem where decisions on Fall appointments may not have been made; however, we ask that you and your department make "a good faith effort" in confirming you will be re-employed in the same title in the Fall semester. If eligible, you and your Project Director (or an Authorized Signatory) must complete the Continuation of Health Insurance form and return it by March 18, 2015 to: HRS Benefits 390 Admin Building, Z-0751, or fax to 632-1350.


International students who are eligible for this continuation of health insurance during the summer months, who have not submitted a completed summer enrollment application to us by March 18, 2015 will be charged for the Mandatory International Student Health Insurance for the summer months.


If you have elected to continue your health insurance over the summer but your department decided to appoint you to a new graduate title in the fall, you MUST complete and submit a new health insurance enrollment form for that switch in titled position(s).


If you are eligible but fail to complete and return this form by March 18, 2015 you will NOT be covered during the summer. Your health insurance coverage will end 28 days after your appointment ends and you will need to complete a new application and re-enroll when you return in the Fall.

COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

For students who will be graduating or are ineligible to continue health insurance, you may apply for COBRA. Call 632-6180 for COBRA information.


If you are enrolled in the health insurance as a Research Foundation Fellow with a stipend end date that does not cover the summer months, your health insurance will end when your stipend ends, unless your department extends your fellowship appointment or appoints you to a Research Assistant title with a bi-weekly of at least $158.54.