New Employee Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for my health insurance coverage to start?
Your coverage becomes effective on the 42nd consecutive day following your hire date, if you submit the required forms to the Benefits Section of Human Resource Services within 60 days following your hire date. Otherwise, you will have an additional waiting period as a late enrollment. The additional waiting period would be 5 pay periods from the date Benefits receives your enrollment form, with coverage becoming effective the following Monday.
Why do I have a double health insurance deduction coming out of my paycheck?
When your coverage becomes effective, you will have 2 double deductions taken from your paycheck to pay for an additional 28 days of health insurance coverage, which you will have when you terminate your employment with the Research Foundation.
Who can I cover as dependents under my health insurance coverage?
You can cover your immediate family. Immediate family is spouse and children (includes adopted, stepchildren, foster children or legal wards). You cannot cover parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, etc.
Can I decline my health insurance coverage and still be covered for dental and vision?
Yes. You can elect either individual or family Dental and Vision coverage.
If I elect individual health insurance coverage, can I elect family dental and vision coverage?
Yes. Even if you elect family Health Insurance coverage, you can elect either individual or family Dental and Vision coverage.
When will I receive my Delta Dental and Davis Vision cards?
You are eligible for Dental and Vision coverage 6 months from your employment start date. There are no cards that you will receive for Delta Dental or Davis Vision.
When can I enroll in the optional retirement plan?
There is no waiting period for the Optional Retirement Plan. You can enroll at any time during your employment with the Research Foundation.