Why care?
A teachers main goal is to educate.
Why be concernced with the pediatric obesity epidemic? How does it concern you?

Overweight is no longer simply about appearance.

Teachers are a constant presence in their student's lives and, as such, have the perfect opportunity to establish a healthy climate in their classrooms. Food may often be included in classroom activities; for example the use of food as reward, classroom celebrations, birthday parties and snack. Oftentimes in our culture we look to food to celebrate and to acknowledge our successes, which can be appropriate at times. However, the constant availability of high fat, high sugar foods can lead to overeating as well as setup an unhealthy relationship with food where internal hunger cues are ignored. In addition, because much of the food presented to a child is not high in nutrients, the child is exposed less and less to nutrient-rich alternatives that can promote healthier food preferences.

Below are resources for teachers to help set the tone in their classroom - one that reflects health, well-being and an environment conducive to learning.


Action for Healthy Kids
Site for nationwide organization devoted to improving health and physical activity in schools, state by state.

American Academy of Pediatrics
Articles about health issues in schools and contacts for health professionals involved in school health.

American Dietetic Association
ADA's homepage is well-organized and easy to use. This site has in depth and accurate information provided by a professional association of dietitians. Bookmark this site for nutrition information you can always count on.

American Medical Association
You can always find reliable and up to date information on this website. By going to the Consumer Health Information section you can learn all about your child's development and nutrition. They provide nutrition information for children of all ages and promote healthy mealtime habits and food choices. Join the KidsHealth Club to receive accurate health information on caring for you child.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
This is an excellent site for up-to-date and accurate nutrition information. They provide reliable information on various topics such as soft drinks and health, protecting your pregnancy, and ADHD Report and Parent's Guide. Go to the Kid Stuff section to learn about improving your child's diet, packing a healthy lunch and more!

Cooking Light
Well-organized site which provides healthy recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Get cooking tips, strategies for healthy living, or just browse the forum for ideas.

Delicious Decisions
This website is sponsored by the American Heart Association and provides a broad range of nutrition information including promotes good nutrition over 200 AHA recipes and tips on managing your weight and staying physically active.

Healthy Choices
For parents this site is terrific because you can download story and coloring books, posters and activities that all incorporate nutrition and health themes, creating a classroom in your own home.

Healthy Weight Network
Links to information for prevention of childhood obesity, eating disorders and excessive dieting.

International Food Information Council
Interactive site with games to promote fitness and nutritional awareness.

Light Living
Light living is a website about changing your diet and making healthy. Learn about cooking, balanced nutrition, exercise and a healthy home life. You can find heart healthy recipes, a kids section and health advice.

Michigan State University Extension and Michigan Department of Education in Partnership
Policies for healthy nutrition in school, resources for families and schools, links to web pages with nutrition-related interactive games for kids.

National Cancer Institute
Information, resources, and reports on various "5-A-Day" programs to
promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Obesity Education Initiative
"Aim for a Healthy Weight" health assessment tools including menu planners and recipes

Nutrition Navigator
This website, sponsored by Tufts University is designed to help you sort through the large volume of nutrition information on the internet.

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine
Visionary site for explanation of changes needed in school lunch programs to promote optimum health and eating habits in school aged-children.

Prevention Institute
Site for non-profit organization dedicated to improving overall community health and program for elimination of poor foods in schools and child care settings, "Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments"

University of Texas, Health Science Center, "Coordinated Approach to Child Health"
School health programs to involve participation by parents, students and teachers, to teach nutrition and encourage regular physical activity with training and materials.

USDA Agricultural Research Service's Children's Nutritional Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine
Promotes education and exercise awareness, BMI calculator for energy needs, Q&A on various topics.

USDA's TEAM NUTRITION, National Agricultural Library, Healthy School Meals Resource System

Well indexed links to software, menus, recipes, posters, agencies and info on topics A-Z.

World Health Organization
Wealth of information including international policies and publications affecting food and nutrition security.

Fitness Finders, Inc.

Far reaching fitness programs, motivational tools, products and tips for schools, parents, club leaders.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Community program for increasing fitness and activity levels among school

Runner's World
Goal oriented program suggestions to enc