Looking to make a difference in your school district? Heart Links is here to help!
The key to successfully achieving environmental and policy change is in numbers - parents, teachers and community members are powerful voices and together you CAN help create a school environment that supports and encourages healthy food habits.
As advocates for environmental and policy change for many years, the Heart Links Projects staff has developed a variety of materials and presentations available at the links below. Our goal is to empower people to increase awareness regarding these issues and to create healthier school and home food environments.

Below you will find presentations and other materials on chilhood obesity and the implications for public schools, along with slides deailing a plan for how to begin to address the various food-related topics in schools. Keep in mind these materials are available for your use and you can modify them to suit your indivdual needs.


The Obesity Epidemic: Implications for Public Schools (created 2005; target audience: staff of community agencies providing youth related programming)

How Teachers Can Be Part of the Solution (created 2004; target audience: teachers)

Nutrition, Children's Health and Readiness to Learn (created 2006; target audience: school administrators, boards of education, teachers and parents)

These files will open in a Microsoft Power Point viewer.