Welcome to the Heart Links website!

Heart Links is a community nutrition project created to reduce the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease by identifying, evaluating, promoting, and increasing opportunities for community members to engage in healthy behaviors. Critical to this mission is helping our youngest citizens, children, develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. The Heart Links staff works with faculty, staff, administrators, students and parents to create school food environments that empower children to maximize learning potential and health.

This website was created to provide technical assistance to those looking to improve the school food environment - including parents, teachers, administrators, health care professionals and students. We have included information for all 4 steps of our strategy- awareness campaigns, educational programs, advocacy (check out our special youth advocacy section!) and policy implementation. Resources include helpful websites, powerpoint presentations, lesson plans, printed materials and much more. The Heart Links Project staff is passionate about addressing the current pediatric obesity epidemic and we hope you will be, too! Thanks for your interest.

Funded by the New York State Department of Health, Healthy Heart Program

Other related links are organized by types of our viewers: parents, teachers, youth advocates