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Studio97Studio 97, the University’s own unisex hair salon located in the Stony Brook Union, offers a full array of innovative services at reasonable prices. The salon is not staffed with students. Professional, experienced hairdressers will cut, color, foil, perm, relax, wash and set/blow your hair as well as braid and do cornrows or up-do’s. They also offer nail care, including natural nail manicuring, gel enhancements (acrylics), wraps, and will soon offer pedicures and full body waxing.

The salon takes appointments, and walk-ins are always welcome. Hours are Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. To make an appointment, call 632-6432.


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    • Crazy? for a 12$ Manicure? Ha!…Just a little food for thought when you get your Manicure from a Non Standard Salon (We call them NSS) I’m sure that’s where your going. Hopefully all thier instraments are Sanitized with Hospital Grade Sanitizing Soulution and a Manicure is all your walking out of there with…My 25 of being a Licensed Nail Tech, who is experienced in all facets of Disinfection is worth EVERY penny of that 12.00$

      • Oh sure….your can indeed find a place that offers manicures for under $12.00….but really, experience and a shop that ensures safety for all it’s clients is well worth $12.00.

        • No, $12 is WAY too much. And places that charge less do sanitize. They are taking advantage that it is not so easy to get off campus.

          $12 is insane. Not even in Manhattan is a manicure $12.

          • Diane….Are you INSANE? Taking Advantage?? LOL, I can see just how much You really figure out your Time and Money for $12.00 Enjoy your Manhatten Manicure ; )

          • $12 is really cheap. It’s about $15+ in most places in Connecticut. Unless you go to inner city Hartford. And they definitely don’t sanitize.

  1. 12$ does seem like a lot especially for students. I understand that it saves time because the salon is on campus, but the average manicure in the area is $7, I don’t know if it is worth those extra $5.

    Wouldn’t they get more business if the price was lower? Does anyone go there for manicures anyway? I know people who get their haircut there, but that’s about it.

    • If 12.00 is too much for you then it would be in your best interest for you to do your own Nails in your Dorm Room… Sorry When I was in High End Salons I don’t even want to tell you how much I charged for a Manicure….You get what you pay for.

  2. ok so i ended up with a foot fungus (a really bad one)from getting a mani and pedi “IN THE AREA” a word of advice if your going to go to one of those “CHEAP” places do yourself a favor buy your own stuff don’t use theirs!!!!

    • Emerelle…Be VERY Careful where you get your pedicures! If those Spa Pedicure Throne are NOT Sanitized between EVERY Client with Hospital Grade Solution for 10 mins You could have someone else’s Skin come out of those jets into your pedicure water and you could Possibly end up with MRSA…BE VERY CAREFUL and ask Questions if they can’t answer…RUN!

  3. I’ve always been interested about the salon. I don’t think $12 is insane at all for a manicure! (I used to be an assistant at a day spa in Mt. Sinai.) Trust me, we saw more than our fair share of infections and fungi from the “cheap” places. I am interested in how much the other services are. Could you possibly post them soon?

  4. First of all My Salon is 100% Hospital Grade Sanitized…in ALL of our services from Hands to Feet to Hair Tools…You want to See what you get from Non Standard Salons…..come down to the Salon and I will Show you Pictures. If you don’t have your hands or feet Sanitized upon sitting in any Nail Technicians Chair, I’d Run. This Salon is great for all your Services….You all should be thankful that Stony Brook cares enough to rent out space to me to bring you all that you need….instead I get negative comments…Hmmmmmmm So Sad

  5. I got a upper lip wax a couple of days ago, and my lip was burned because of it. The burn is 1cm x .3cm in area. I thought something was wrong when the person waxing my lip did not show me a mirror (she was also a person who does not reguarly do the waxes). I have been getting upper lip and eye brow waxes for seven years now (since I was 14) in several different salons and have never been burned and injured like this before. The only feedback I can give, is that the owner should make sure everyone who works in the salon is properly trained for anything they do for a customer, and I hope no one else gets injured.

  6. I don’t think $12 manicure is expensive at all! In fact, I was surprised that it was that cheap. Am I wrong? 0_0 Plus, if you don’t like the place, go to the new one that suits you. You don’t have to spew out mean things like that just because it’s online. Appreciate!

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